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Within the hour you'll have a few competitive finance offers. When finance companies know they're competing, you get the best offers.

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Get competitive offers for financing. You decide which finance company and offer is a good fit for your business today!

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With multiple offers, you choose the best deal. Within an hour of submitting your application you'll have the knowledge and leverage you need to negotiate the best finance deal.

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And just like that you've got financing to cover payroll, afford day-to-day expenses, restock low-inventory, buy supplies at a discount and access resources you need to gain more new customers.

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How We Make Money

You'll never pay us

Don't worry about hidden fees in your loan -- we're a completely free service for small business owners.

When you win, we win

We get 5% from the lender once you get funded. In contrast, some brokers charge fees as high as 20%.

We're lender-neutral

Our team isn't rewarded for working with specific lenders over others. We'll never push a loan that isn't right for you.

Loan Products

Small business lending isn't just about traditional loans anymore. We feature different types of of loans for all kinds of business -- so you can find just the right fit for what you need.

Invoice Financing
Equipment Financing
Business Line of Credit
Merchant Cash Advance
Short Term Loan
Business Charge Card
Fuel Card
Startup Loan

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