Service Providers Invoice Financing
Accounts receivable invoice finance for all types of Service Providers invoice finance.

Service Providers Invoice Financing

Dwindling cash flow can interrupt or worse close a potentially lucrative service providers business. It’s pretty easy for service providers to quickly get in over their head. Companies often grow rapidly by word of mouth.

The issue with developing a solid reputation in your industry, is you go from being everyone’s friend to a great company that does a professional job.

All of a sudden customers that use to pay you quickly, fall into the dangerous habit of paying later than the invoice due date. Lack of predictable cash flow quickly becomes a huge issue.

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Service Providers Invoice Financing

Your service providers company provides goods and services to creditworthy customers and then invoices them for payment on terms. Usually these terms revolve around you waiting 30, 45 or even 60 days before you get paid. Slow-paying customers can leave cash flow gaps in your business and disrupt your own accounts payables.

Instead of waiting 30 to 60 days to be paid for work you've already delivered, get paid within 24 hours of invoicing your customers for services delivered. Invoice factoring your service provider accounts receivable invoices gets your business up to 95% of the face value of your invoice immediately. Your service provider business will improve cash flow without increasing debt.

Invoice factoring is not a loan, and your business will not incur any new debt by unlocking capital that's being tied up in your outstanding accounts receivable invoices. Besides getting immediate cash flow for your invoices, invoice factoring also provides you with client credit services which give you a comprehensive payment and credit history of any potential new customers you're thinking about doing business with so you avoid problem clients.

Factor finance partners also provide your business with accounts receivable management tools and reports. They'll even notify your customers when they're payments are running late so you can focus on what you do best, which is running and growing your business without the worry of collecting owed or past-due payments. You factor finance partner will always consult you before they contact your clients direct to discuss past-due, over-due or no-pay accounts.

Invoice financing is flexible and your company can factor as many or as few invoice as you need. It's the goal of the factor to help your grow your business more quickly because ultimately if your successful they will also be successful as your finance partner. So if you're ready to increase your market share, be more competitive in your industry and make more money each year then take advantage of using a factor finance companies money to grow. Don't get caught being the financial arm of your best customers that always slow-pay you while they use your money to grow their business. Factor customer invoices and let the factor finance company fund the growth of your and your long term customers.

Having access to immediate cash for your business by factoring your service provider invoices has some important advantages. With more capital from factoring you'll be able to pursue larger contracts and clients. You'll be able to expand your business faster. You'll also be able to pay your suppliers faster and take advantage of their fast payment discounts or bulk ordering to buy supplies at a lower rate and keep your business more competitive with a better return on investment. Sometimes getting as little as a 2% quick pay discount from vendors can absorb most of the cost of factoring.

If you want the best deal when factoring and the company that gets you your cash with 24 hours or less of invoicing a customer for payment, then click on the button below and lets get started getting your a few competitive offers from the top factor finance companies to buy your outstanding accounts receivable service provider invoices.

Factoring Steps for Service Providers Invoice Financing

  1. Continue providing your goods or services to creditworthy customers and then invoice them for payment with a copy also sent to your factor finance partner. This way you can get paid within 24 hours of invoicing the customer instead of waiting months.
  2. Your business will receive anywhere from 85-95% of the face value of the invoice upfront and the rest will be paid once your customer (the debtor) pays the invoice in full, minus the factor fee.
  3. Access immediate cash to cover payroll, day-to-day expenses, taxes, higher interest rates on credit cards, suppliers, equipment purchases and new business investments.

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