Pallet Dealers Invoice Financing
Accounts receivable invoice finance for all types of Pallet invoice finance.

Pallet Dealers Invoice Financing

Pallet Manufacturers and Wholesalers facing logistical challenges with over 1.9 billion pallets in service every day can access immediate cash for invoices. If your pallet company provides goods and services to creditworthy customers and then invoices them then factor financing will help your business today. When you Factor finance your pallet manufacture and wholesaler invoices, you'll immediately unlock working capital trapped in accounts receivable invoices. Use the cash from pallet manufacturer and wholesale invoice financing to fund monthly operations more easily and keep your pallet company growing and moving in the right direction.

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Pallet Dealers Invoice Financing

Pallet Manufacturers and Wholesalers Invoice Factoring for your small to mid-sized business provides immediate working capital to cover expenses, extend terms to good clients and grow faster within the industry.

Running your pallet manufacturing and distribution company on thin cash reserves can be challenging. You have to manage the logistics of your supply and vendor chain while tracking your customer orders - all while keeping an eye on your cash flow to make sure you keep the business operating efficiently. All it takes is a few late or slow-pay clients before your company finds itself in real financial trouble.

You could try and renegotiate the terms of your agreements with your customers, however most corporate clients want to stretch out their accounts payable and demand payment terms, allowing them to pay in 30 to 60 days, as a condition of awarding a contract. By paying you slowly, companies use your products for free until they pay you. These terms are like an interest-free loan financed by their vendors - a great deal for them, but not the highest and best use of your money.

So what option do you have that will immediately enable you to offer attractive terms and win new contracts? Factor finance your outstanding accounts receivable invoices to gain access to immediate working capital so you can offer longer terms without affecting the daily/weekly operations of your business. More access to immediate cash gives your flexibility to make bigger business decision and grow your company faster.

How Factoring Your Pallet Manufacturing Invoices works:

Accounts Receivables factoring transactions are structured differently from traditional business loans. The factor finance company does not lend you money, they buy your accounts receivable invoice for immediate cash. The purchase occurs in two installments: the advance and the rebate.

  • Your business delivers the pallets to your client.
  • Send a invoice to your client and a copy to the factor finance company.
  • The Factor company advances you up to 90% of the invoice and wires the money to your account.

Once your client pays the factor rebates the remaining 10% of the funds, minus their fee. The cost you pay for factoring is deducted from the rebate. The fee will vary based on the creditworthiness of your clients and the size of your receivables.

Unlike qualifying for tradition bank loans that can take months for approval and have long drawn out criteria terms that needs to be met to qualify, the requirements for financing receivables are relatively easy. The most important requirement is to have creditworthy business customers because your invoices act as security collateral for the factoring transaction. Additionally, your invoices can’t have liens and your company must be free of legal and tax problems in most scenarios.

To get started factoring your Pallet Manufacturing and Wholesaler Invoices it's recommended you get a few competitive offers from factor finance companies. By getting a few competitive offers, you'll have the knowledge and leverage you need to structure the best factoring agreement for your Pallet Manufacturing and Wholesaler business.

To quickly and easily compare Pallet Manufacturing and Wholesaler Invoice offers from competing factor finance companies, click the Get Started button below and you'll have offers from the top finance companies that are eager to buy your Pallet Manufacturing and Wholesaler accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash.

Get paid within 24 hours for your Pallet Manufacturing and Wholesaler accounts receivable invoices to get the cash you need to cover payroll, expenses and offer attractive terms to your customers.

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