Media Invoice Financing
Accounts receivable invoice finance for all types of Media invoice finance.

Media Invoice Financing

Factor finance your Media invoices to increase your business cash flow. Factors are a direct lending source and specialize in helping businesses with their financial needs.

Use your open outstanding receivable invoices to get access to immediate cash. If you can’t afford to wait 30 to 120 days to be paid, then factoring your accounts receivable invoices may be the right choice for your company.

Factors can also help you keep track of unpaid invoices, assist your business in back office filings and organization as well as lower your liability in outstanding monies owed to your business.

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Media Invoice Financing

Media industry invoice factoring enables you to raise financing based on the value of your outstanding accounts receivable invoices. You'll find that factoring is a more flexible source of working capital than traditional bank loans and even overdrafts.

Factors will pay you for your media industry invoices and by doing so, will also take on your outstanding receivable invoices. This means you can receive funds quickly for invoices with longer terms that are not due to pay for some time. Typically you'll receive 85-90% of the total amount of the invoice immediately (called the advance) and the remaining percentage will be paid, minus the factors fees once the debtor (your customer) pays the invoice in full.

Factors have different costs, fees and interest they charge for getting you money quickly. Every factor is different and uses different variables to decide what you rate and terms will be, even what your advance amount will be. The best way to make sure you're getting a good deal and a fair offer is to submit your invoice using Factor Bid website or Factor App mobile app. You'll get a few offers from competing factor finance companies that are eager to earn your business. When the finance companies know they're competing for your business, they're going to be competitive in trying to win you as a new customer.

Factors assume the liability of collecting the receivable from your customers, and wait to collect payment on your outstanding invoices. The money they're providing you to cover for the money owed by your customer is not FREE. Factors typically have to borrow money too, sometimes at prime (interest rate) or higher. So it's recommended that you get a few offers for your media industry invoices when choosing which factor finance company is a good fit for your media industry company today!


  • Factors usually only provide financing to businesses with commercial customers (business-to-business).
  • Where credit limits are required by the factor, you must agree how they will be handled.
  • A factor will use its credit system to determine the creditworthiness of your customers.
  • The way you handle invoicing and payment with customers will depend on your agreement with the factor.
  • After invoicing the customer, you typically need to send a copy to the factor finance company too.
  • The factor issues statements on your behalf and collects payments (back office support and expertise in collecting receivables)
  • Most factors will want to pre-approve new customers and may apple certain credit limits to individual customers, potentially limiting your advance amount.

How is Factoring your media industry invoices is different from a traditional loan from your local bank:

  • You negotiate a credit line that can grow with your sales, providing your more cash flow, even faster.
  • Bank finance has to be renegotiated frequently and can take longer amounts of time to be approved.
  • You can use the factor finance companies tools to help run your business more efficiently, like checking the creditworthiness of a new potential customer.
  • Financing your accounts receivables can help build your business credit faster by helping you stay current with suppliers and other expenditures.
  • Factor finance companies don't base their decision to finance your business based on your credit, they use the credit of your customers to decide.
  • Factors don't care if your less than two years in business, they look at your outstanding receivables owed and creditworthiness of your customers.

Talk to and get quotes from several factors before you make your decision. Factor bid quickly and easily matches you with factor finance companies that specialize in factoring your media industry invoices and are eager to buy your invoices for immediate cash. You can click on the 'submit invoice' button below to get started receiving competitive offers for your outstanding accounts receivable invoices. Stop waiting 30, 45 or even 90 days, get paid as soon as today!

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