Machine Shops Invoice Financing
Accounts receivable invoice finance for all types of Machine Shops invoice finance.

Machine Shops Invoice Financing

Are you a metal working business, a welding company, do metal fabrication or have a tool or die plant? If yes,you may be experiencing an increase in orders and rapid growth leading to cash flow shortages in your small to medium-sized machine shops. If cash reserves are low and you don't have the borrowing capabilities available to much larger and more established companies then factoring your machine shop invoices can help your business stay competitive and grow more quickly.

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Machine Shops Invoice Financing

Machine Shops invoice factor financing gets your business immediate payment upon invoicing customers. Get the cash flow you need to cover payroll, pay your suppliers, purchase new equipment and grow your business faster. If you are working with creditworthy customers you'll be able to get up to 95% of the total amount of the invoice immediately after invoicing the customer. You'll get the other 5% in a rebate from the factor finance company once your customer pays the invoice in full, minus the factors fee.

Fulfill larger orders, hire on additional employees, complete large orders more quickly and expand your services to increase profits and grow your Machine Shop, Welding Company, Metal Working Business, Metal Fabrication and Tool and Die Plant Facility.

Benefits Of Factor Financing Your Machine Shop Accounts Receivable Invoices:

  • Fulfill larger client orders
  • Access to immediate cash
  • Cover payroll expense
  • Discounts from suppliers
  • Equipment costs
  • Repairs
  • Materials

Factoring financing your machine shop invoices is not a loan and your business does not incur any new debt. Your using an asset (accounts receivable invoice) to access money that customers owe you for goods and services already completed.

It's recommended that you get a few offers from factor finance companies before deciding which factor finance company best fits your working capital and business services needs. To quickly and easily connect with the top factor finance companies that specialize in financing Machine Shop Industry receivable invoices click the Get Started button below. You'll be able to compare invoice finance offers from the top finance companies, eager to purchase your Machine Shop Industry accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash.

How Machine Shop Factor Financing Works:

  • You invoice customers for payment and send a copy to your factor finance partner.
  • The factor finance company verifies the invoice and immediately wires up to 95% of face value of the invoice to your account.
  • Once your client pays the invoice in full you'll receive a rebate from the factor for the remaining amount 5% in this case, minus the factors fee.

Factoring your Machine Shop invoices enables your company to grow faster and fulfill larger orders from bigger clients. Get competitive offers from factors and get the best deal when factoring your Machine Shop accounts receivables by using Factor Bid.

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