Distribution Invoice Financing
Accounts receivable invoice finance for all types of Distribution invoice finance.

Distribution Invoice Financing

Your distribution company resells products purchased from suppliers to corporations, industrial and government clients, then most likely you need predictable cash flow each month to pay suppliers. The problem with this supply chain model is, suppliers often demand quick payment (10 days or less) and vendors may demand prepayments for goods, especially if your distribution company is small and has yet to establish good business credit. Payment delays from your customers creates cash flow problems and may eventually prevent you from fulfilling orders and even turning away sales. Get the cash you need quickly by financing distribution purchase orders and/or invoice factoring your receivables for immediate cash.

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Distribution Invoice Financing

Distribution Company Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Factoring can provide your small to mid-sized business with immediate working capital to fulfill large order and cover labor costs.

Factors offer PO funding programs, which helps you purchase large orders. Goods will be purchased with the factors help and then sent to the a big-box retailer, and the retailer pays the factor and you get the cash. You can get up to 95% of the receivables now, and the rest when your client pays in full. PO financing enables your business to fund much larger deals then you would otherwise be able to.

All factor finance companies are different and have different financing structure, requirements and fees. It's important to get a few offers from competing factors so you get the flexibility for your specific business needs. For example: you may only want to factor one customer are specific invoices, you may not be interested in a long partnership agreement and only want to commit to a monthly engagement. Getting a few offers from the top factors finance companies that specialize in Distribution PO financing will provide you with the knowledge and leverage you need to negotiate and realize the best financing deal for your company.

To compare invoice finance offers.. free, click the Get Started button below and you're business will quickly be matched with the top factor finance companies that specialize in Distribution Purchase Order financing. Choose the offers that best fits your business needs. You're under no obligation to factor finance your accounts receivables and Factor Bid is a free small business tool for you to utilize in gathering immediate information in Distribution PO Financing.

Benefits Of Factoring Your Distribution Company Purchase Orders:

  • Improve cash flow without increasing debt
  • Volume purchasing discounts from suppliers
  • Extend longer payment terms to bigger customers
  • Receive money immediately upon completion of work
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Free credit checking services
  • Fulfill larger orders
  • Flexible financing
  • Cover labor costs
  • Flexible terms

Focus on capital needed to purchase bigger contracts and grow your business faster. Factor finance your accounts receivables today and access more working capital immediately to make your business more competitive in the distribution industry. Get Started now to discover the best distribution financing available for your business today!

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