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Are you facing cash flow gaps in your small to mid-sized business? Turn your business assets (invoices) into immediate working capital. Get Cash for your invoices by factoring.

Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.  A business will sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet its present and immediate cash needs.

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Don’t wait 30+ days to receive payment, unlock cash that’s trapped in your accounts receivable invoices. Start factoring and get paid within 24 hours for invoices.

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Go to Factor Bid – click the Get Started button and within the hour you’ll have factor finance companies competing for the opportunity to earn you business and provide you immediate working capital for your invoices!

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Unlock business capital trapped in your Accounts Receivable Invoices. Don’t wait 30, 45 or even 90 days, get paid for your outstanding invoices as soon as today!

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Go to Factor bid – where you’ll get a few offers from factor finance companies to buy your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash. Factors compete for the opportunity to buy your invoices, and within an hour of submitting an open invoice, you’ll receive a few offers from the top factor finance companies to buy your invoices.

In More Depth -WHAT IS INVOICE FACTORING for Small Business Owners?

When a business creates the option for a customer to pay later or on terms, it’s known as (invoicing) – Accounts Receivable Invoicing.  Accounts Receivable is a legitimate form of revenue for all businesses and is listed as an asset in the company’s balance sheet.

Why would a company agree to allow a customer to pay on terms and at a later date rather than COD (cash on deliver) or even up front, out of pocket?

The idea behind offering your customers the ability to pay on terms is;

  1. Customers today demand flexibility.  If a business does not have the ability to be flexible- they risk losing sales to competitors in their industry.
  2. Offering terms through invoicing enables the business owner to finalize the sale-agreement rather than allowing the customer to walk out the door to another business.
  3. Customers typically buy more (of whatever it is you offer), when they have more time to pay.  

As such many business owners understand that their Accounts Receivable Invoices are a promise from a customer to pay at a later date and time.  Yet many business owners have little of no idea the same Accounts Receivable Invoices are in high demand by third parties (called factors) that are interested in purchasing invoices (at a discount) for immediate capital.  In many cases cash is made available to the business owner selling their invoices, within 24-48 hours.  This practice of purchasing a company’s Accounts Receivable invoices at a discount is known as Invoice Factoring.

BENEFITS OF INVOICE FACTORING include but are not limited to:

  1. The ability for a business to acquire cash (capital) quickly to be used for necessary expenses.  Often times small businesses need immediate cash flow to assist in keeping the doors open until they build up a stockpile of available cash flow
  2. The means of using invoice factoring to generate capital is more attractive than applying for a loan at the bank which can require time and high risk contracts.
  3. Invoice financing (factoring) is considered an asset, and does not add any additional debt to your company books.
  4.  Factor finance companies can also assist your business in the accounts receivable collection process, including back end office and bookkeeping help.
  5. Factors can provide access to credit checking of new potential customers you’re thinking about working with, to help reduce your liability in working with bad companies that may not pay their bills on time. 

Before now – locating a factor finance company that specializes in and even services your industry –as well as getting the best deal when factoring our receivables was extremely difficult; leaving business owners thinking, ‘Did I get a fair deal when signing on with my new factor finance company.. ?’

But today, locating a factor finance partner has gotten much easier, a lot faster and more convenient; not to mention being able to get a few competitive offers to make sure you’re getting the best deal when factoring.

Tell Me How?

FACTOR BID quickly matches your business with the top factor finance companies in your specific business industry, providing you multiple offers from competing factors, eager to earn your business and buy your open accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash!

When factoring companies compete to win your Accounts Receivable Invoices- you get the knowledge you need to negotiate the best deal when factoring.  You’re under no obligation at any time to factor and the cost to use factor bid is free and may result in an immediate increase in your business cash flow on hand, in which you can use for whatever you want. 

Are You Ready?

Access working business capital today that’s sitting around on your desk or stuck in your online accounting software (in the form of open invoices).  Your open invoices are an asset – start treating them as so! Get paid as soon as today! Factor bid

On the Go? Get Factor App and submit your invoices from your Smartphone!

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Staffing Companies can cover expenses with Payroll Funding

Need Payroll funding for your Staffing Company. We can help! Factor App has hundreds of Factors looking to finance your accounts receivable invoices. You submit your Accounts Receivable Invoices using Factor App and within minutes you’ll have 3 highly respected and trusted Factors competing for your business and to Factor your accounts receivable Staffing Invoices.

We understand that making payroll is the most important task for any successful and growing staffing agency. Helps retain high quality talent by offering good salaries and always paying on time. Could you imagine what may happen to the trust between you and your staff if you missed payroll.

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As a fail safe, you should be set up with a Factor incase one or more of your customers have slow paying invoices.

Making payroll remains a serious problem for staffing agencies. In most cases, payroll problems stem from slow pay clients waiting 30-60 days to pay their invoices. When your client pays you in 30-60 days, and you have to pay your employees every two weeks, you’ve now become the lender, plus you’re holding all of the liability.


Finance your payroll with invoice factoring – Invoice factoring solves the problem of slow paying customers and decreases liability on your open invoices. Get immediate funds you need to cover payroll, pay for business expenses and grow your business marketshare.

Transactions are fairly simple. Once you’re set up with a factoring account with the Payroll Factor Funding Company, you submit an invoice along with a copy of the time cards (or similar). When they have your invoices, the payroll factor finance company advances 90-95 percent of the invoices and deposits the funds into your company bank account. Problem solved, you now have plenty of cash to cover payroll weekly or bi-weekly.

Once your client pays in full, the factor funding company settles the transaction by depositing the remaining percentage of the invoice, less their fee.

The cost of factoring varies and on average is between 1.5-3.5 percent per month based on your sales volume and of course the credit worthiness of your invoices.  Setting up your account with a factor is easy and usually takes just a few days. Most companies today factor their invoices regularly to improve their cash flow and business practices.

Make sure you’re getting a few offers for your receivables when you’re ready to start Factoring. Download Factor App and snap a picture of an open invoice you need to factor and within minutes you’ll have trust worth and industry specific Factors competing to buy your invoices. Get the best deal when factoring, make Factors compete for your business!

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Questions you need to ask before committing to a new Factor finance company

You’ve decided to start Factoring your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash. What are some of the questions you need to ask before committing to your new Factor finance company?

  1. “How long does your contract require me to work with you?”
  2. “Can I leave before the contract maturity date?”
  3. “How much will it cost me to end our contract before the maturity date?”
  4. “If termination fees, how do you calculate those fees?”

Regardless of what the account executive tells you over the phone, make sure and double check the contract. Look for a section called “Term” or “Termination”

TIP: A contract that has no specific length of time specified, that ties you to the Factor is in your best interest.

You need to decide if you want Non-recourse factoring. In our experience, non-recourse is the best. Simply put, if your customer doesn’t pay the Factor, the Factor can’t come after you for the money they’ve already advanced you; hence the term “non recourse”

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True Non-recourse should cover you in everything accept product delivery or service issues. Here are some questions you need to be asking for True Non-recourse Factoring.

  1. “Do I have to sign a personal guarantee?”
  2. “If the Payer goes Bankrupt am I protected?”
  3. “If the Payer doesn’t pay, but didn’t claim bankruptcy am I covered?”
  4. “What happens if the Payer doesn’t pay until after the invoice due date?”
  5. “Will I ever be charged back or have to repurchase the invoice?”
  6. “Do you charge your fee upfront and take it out of my advance or the reserve amount collected at invoice maturity date?”
  7. “Are you holding a reserve?”
  8. “Does my rate increase as the invoices ages?”
  9. “Do I have to Factor all my business invoices with you, or can I Factor select invoices?”
  10. “At what age does the invoice get Charged Back?”
  11. “Is the rate fee FIXED on a Charge Back Invoice or does the rate fluctuate?”
  12. “How soon after the invoice is paid do I get my reserve?”
  13. “What is the cost to get setup with your Factor Company?”
  14. “Is there any application fee?”
  15. “What is the minimum you require, that I have to Factor each month?”
  16. “What if I don’t meet these minimum amounts, what are the fees if any?”
  17. “When do I pay my UCC financing statement fee; Before or after I Factor my first invoice?”
  18. “Will you fund on faxed, scanned or copied documents, or must you have the original?”
  19. “Does the rate increase if the document submitted for funding is not the original?”
  20. “How long do I have to submit the originals before I start getting charged late fees?”
  21. “How much are these late fees?”
  22. “How are short pays and chargebacks handled?”
  23. “How am I notified in the event of a dispute resolution and what is the process?”
  24. “What do you do if the Payer says they paid me directly, but I tell you they did not?”
  25. “Is the Payer required to produce a front and back copy of the delivered check proving it cleared, in the event of a dispute?”
  26. “Can you ACH direct payments to my bank account?”
  27. “Can you split payments; Like half of the advance ACH direct deposit and half to Western Union or Money Gram?”
  28. “Does your contract include provision for Field Audits?” Some factors want you to pay their costs in the event they need to come to you for an audit you in your local city, state.
  29.  “Does your contract force me to pay your attorney fees?”
  30. “What does your UCC filing cover? Is there a lean on the Accounts Receivable or all assets?”
  31. “Do I have to factor all of my customers? Once I start Factoring do I have to include all my customers, moving forward?”
  32. “What are your fees to get me my money? What payment options do you offer, ACH, Wire, Mail Check, Fuel Card?”
  33. “Is there any per invoice fees?”
  34. “Is there any other fees in addition to the factoring fee?”
  35. “Do you pay a referral reward if I refer a new Factoring customer to your company?”

Make sure you’re getting the best offer when Factoring your Accounts Receivable Invoices. Use Factor App – Where Factors compete to Buy your open accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash.

*Copy the Questions above and email them to the top 3 Factors you’re considering. Ask them to replay to each question within an email so you can compare your options and find out which Factor is right for you! 

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Do you have a Facebook Business Page? Get it verified. See how below!

How great would it be to have YOUR business verified by Facebook?

  • Receive the Checkmark verification icon on your business page
  • Show up higher in search results
  • Show up first when consumers are using the Facebook search bar

    Verified Pages have quite a few perks, so why not get your business page verified today!

Follow these easy to do steps below. Simple, fast and good for your business.

Step 1: Click ‘Settings‘ in the upper right corner (see below)

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Step 2: Click Page Verification – ‘Edit’ from the drop down list (which is selection #3) from the top down. (see below)

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Step 3: Click ‘Verify this page‘ (see below)

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Step 4: follow the instructions within the Pop-up (see below)

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Step 5: If you elected to verify via your business phone number, Facebook will call you. ‘Enter your verification code’ from the phone call (see below)

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Step 6: Once entered; ‘Your page is under review’ (see below)

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Step 7: Once verified; you will see ‘Page is verified‘ (see below)

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This new feature makes it easier for local business pages to gain trust with consumers and fans.

This helps with duplicates and multiple entries for the same business. Businesses can make it easier for people to make sure that they are finding and communicating with the right Page and know they are doing business with exactly who they want to.

Additionally – Local page owners could also verify with a business document, so long as the official document has the company’s name and physical address.
If you found this helpful, please share!
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Download Factor App

If you have a business that deals with accounts receivable invoices; Download Factor App to get the most money when Factoring your invoices!

When Factors compete to buy your invoices, You Win!
Factors visit to get new customers now!
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Are you thinking about factoring your accounts receivable invoices for cash? Use Factor App and make ’em compete for your invoices! – Where factor banks compete to buy your invoices.

Turn Invoices – Into CASH

It’s easy:

  1. Download Factor app
  2. Snap a picture of your invoice or upload an invoice as PDF file or picture file
  3. Click submit, and within a few minutes you’ll have competitive offers to buy your accounts receivable invoice.

If you’re not shopping your invoices, you’re loosing money!

Factor App “Get paid as soon as today!”


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Why is factoring your accounts receivable invoices good for business? Under-capitalized businesses struggle to pay bills on time, retain good employees and stay competitive. Factor finance your receivables today!

Business is competitive today! If you’re acting as the finance entity for your customers, by caring their slow paying invoices for 45 to 150 days, your business may eventually be in trouble. Your business needs predictable cash flow to pay bills and stay competitive.

Technology is moving along much faster than in the past. Your vendors, partners and customers expect your business to keep up, get ahead otherwise you’ll be left behind!

Waiting 45-150 days to get paid for services you’ve already finished is bad for business. So what can you do?

You can Factor your invoices by Downloading Factor App to get;

  • Immediate cash for your accounts receivable invoices
  • Factors compete to buy your open invoices
  • You get the best rate and terms, which means more money in your pocket, fast!

Why should I factor?

Factoring is not a loan – by using you are utilizing your business assets “accounts receivable invoices” to get paid fast.

Under capitalized businesses miss out on new opportunities with existing customers and the chance to secure brand new customers. Have you ever wondered how some of your competitors continue to grow larger -year after year?

Factoring your accounts receivable invoices puts cash in your pocket you need to finance your business expansion, cover day-to-day expenditures and pay your employees. Factoring your receivable invoices will help put cash in the bank so you can hire new employees, bid on future contracts, buy new equipment and stay competitive in your industry!

Don’t let your competitors put you out of business because they’re able to grow at a faster pace and take over more of your industry; stay competitive and discover how businesses have been growing for years by factoring their asset based accounts receivable invoices.

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We match you with the top Factors in your industry. Get the leverage you need to negotiate the best deal when factoring, get Factor App!

Industry Invoice Types

  1. Trucking & Freight
  2. Construction
  3. Healthcare
  4. Media
  5. Production
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Staffing
  8. Payroll
  9. Oil & Gas
  10. International Factoring
  11. Wholesalers
  12. Tech
  13. Service Providers
  14. Security Guards
  15. Medical Transcription Services
  16. Pallets
  17. Distributors
  18. Importers
  19. Government Contracts
  20. Apparel
  21. Consulting
  22. Janitorial
  23. Automotive Supply
  24. Machine Shops
  25. Cable Sales/ Installers
  26. Wine and Spirits