Technology Invoice Finance

Technology Invoice Finance. Get the best results for your technology company by financing your accounts receivable invoices for immediate capital.

It’s recommended that you use when choosing the top factor finance company that best matches your small – medium size business. Get a few offers from industry specific Factor finance companies that specialize in financing internet technology receivables.

When Factors compete to buy your receivable invoices so you get the best deal when factoring. Watch the video to quickly learn more about Invoice Technology Finance!

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What are some of the benefits of Non-Recourse Technology Factoring!

Factor finance companies will purchase your company’s outstanding Invoices, Credit Card Receivables, Accounts Receivables and more so your business gets between 85 – 95 percent of the invoices face value in as little as 24 hours.

Technology finance provides your internet technology company with predictable cash flow to more accurately cover things like payroll, eliminate cash flow problems, expand your products and services into new markets, augment your offering and best of all access fast cash that doesn’t live on your books as debt.

Your business accounts receivable invoices are assets, start treating them like so! 

Example of how Technology Invoice Factoring Works!

By using Factor bid (to get a few offers from the top factor finance companies) – You’re matched with the top factors that specialize and understand invoice technology financing. They understand your expenditures and revenue stream and can help design a better system to grow your business more efficiently.

Not all factor finance companies are created equal. It’s recommended that you use to get a few offers when selling your receivables at a discount in order to get the very best deal when financing your receivables.

Your company’s financial history and credit score do not determine if you’ll be approved for financing. In most cases the factor is looking at the credit worthiness of your customers, the ones that have agreed to pay in accordance with your open invoices.

The factor finance partner you choose will also help you decide if new customers you may start working with are a good choice; if they pay their bills, how much risk is involved with invoicing them for net future payment, etc.

The factors main objective is to help you increase deal flow. The more accounts receivables your company is producing, the more invoice inventory available for purchase. The factor wants your company to make more money! It’s in their best interest to see you succeed, unlike a traditional lender that requires personal collateral, that can be collected against  you, if you fail.

Factoring is a smart way to fund your growing business and leverage your accounts receivable invoices for access to immediate cash flow capital. Grow faster and increase your marketshare, your factor financier will be right there along the way to make sure your cash flow positive to get work done.

We think you’ll agree that once you start utilizing technology factoring, your business will grow faster and larger than ever before.  There is no obligation when using F

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