How to fund your small business.


Starting your own business for the first time can be quite similar to being a first time parent. You are so excited the baby is coming. You went to all appropriate doctor’s appointments, guessed at the sex of the child, painted a nursery, and even had a baby shower garnishing the support of family and friends. Delivery time: The baby is born. You love the child the minute you laid eyes on him/her. This baby is yours and you are the one entrusted to its care. From day one, it is apparent the infant can do absolutely nothing on its own and you are the sole provider to help it grow. Sure, there are family and friends around to help, but the brunt of raising the child is yours. Within one month, you are sleep deprived, your thoughts consumed by the responsibility you must diligently undertake (with love). It is worth it. You love this child and they love and depend on you to nurture it.

Isn’t this much like our first experience of starting our own business? You begin with this seed of an idea. It begins to grow into a business model and you believe that with the right conditions, this small business could really flourish. You visit the small business borough in your local area, purchase some books on starting your own business, bounce the idea off of family and friends hoping to gain support, and take the step to register your business name with the local and federal government.

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 Scenario 1: You are providing a product/service by yourself and do not have the time to do the work AND generate new clients AND work the office.

 Scenario 2: You have a plethora of clients that want your product and want it now. You are a one to two man show and simply cannot fill the volume. You need more people to handle the work load, but it is a big risk. What if you are not paid for your product/service on time and now have to pay staff with funds that are locked up on some customer’s desk for work you already delivered?

 Scenario 3: You NEED the equipment or manpower necessary to take your business to the next level. Where are the funds going to come from? How are you going to afford it? You already have quite a bit of money invested in other assets.


Do you know that you can get paid NOW for money owed from your open accounts receivable invoices? What would your business look like if you had access to the money you need? Right when you need it! Why incur more debt? No one wants more debt on their books, like you get with traditional lending resources like bank loans and/or a line of credit!

How Does Factoring Build My Business?

Factor finance companies are eagerly looking for small business owners like YOU to pay you cash TODAY for your open (outstanding) accounts receivable invoices. That paper on your desk…yes…the one you have been staring at for the past 60 days…IS WORTH MONEY!!!! You have golden eggs on your desk but all most companies see are rocks.


We are SOOOOOO glad you asked! matches small business owners, LIKE YOU, with factor finance companies that want to buy your invoices for immediate cash. Cash that is available within 24 hours!!! You submit one of your open invoices (it’s easy: snap a picture, using Factor App, or upload a pdf copy), and within a few minutes you’ll have offers from the top factor finance companies in your industry to buy your accounts receivable invoices.


Enjoy yourself. Have fun! Enjoy the game and play your cards well. Only pick the best hand offered. Put on your poker face! Check out the hand of the guy next to you, and let the other player know what it was! See if they are willing to provide you with better terms. All the factor financiers know you are going to get paid for that open accounts receivable invoice sooner (with them) or later (on your own). They want you to get paid SOONER! And, they want to help you do it!


If you are not confident of the hand dealt to you- FOLD! You are under no obligation to play the game. Just don’t ante up. Fold and walk away. You are free to decide whether their offer is right for you and your business. Maybe this is the first time you are trying your hand at the game? You tried it! AND liked it (we know you did)! Now you want to go a few more rounds to gain the confidence you need to make the best informed decision, and go with the factor financing option that is right for you.


As many as you have sitting on that desk of yours collecting DUST AND NOT MONEY! Send 1 to 1,000! Remember: Any open accounts receivable invoice is YOUR MONEY ALREADY EARNED that is UNAVAILABLE to use for your important business expenses. It is nice to feel important and loved. So, while your Accounts Receivable Administrator is feeling unloved and unappreciated by clients that are NOT PAYING YOU, these factor finance companies appreciate your hard work! They LOVE that you completed your job! They love that you are successful! They want you to continue to be successful and grow! THEY WANT TO HELP YOU! They want to call, talk to you, partner with you, and UNLOCK THOSE FUNDS!


There is a bonus round to this game. Once you accept an offer of a factor financier, they will actually call the companies on the open accounts receivable invoices who are holding on to your cash and give them a friendly reminder to pay you. As the clock ticks, they will continue to partner with you to get those funds released. Now your Accounts Receivable Administrator is free to do all the other work that is piling up on their desk. Your clients know you have a partner helping you get payments in a timely fashion.

So, go to Factor App and snap that picture or download that open accounts receivable invoice. Marvel as your small business grows from infancy, childhood, young adult, and onto full maturity.


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