Online invoice generator gives you open invoices. Finance your open accounts receivable invoices today for immediate cash flow.

Sending out invoices feels great! Your business is on track and heading in the right direction. What’s the number one thing you do after you send out an invoice for payment?

  1. You wait
  2. Your business continues to pays day-to-day expenditures
  3. Your operating reserve decreases

So what can you do? Factor finance your open accounts receivable invoices.

How do I know which factoring company to choose and where do I even find a good Factor that will treat me fair?

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It’s easy:

  • Go to
  • Download Factor App or Signup through the website
  • Snap a picture of your invoice or upload your pdf of your invoice

You will be contacted by a few of the top rated factors that specialize in factoring invoices in your industry.

When Factors compete for the opportunity to buy your accounts receivable invoices, you get the best deal when factoring. Factor bid keeps the factoring arena competitive and you get the knowledge and leverage you need to negotiate the best deal with the top rated Factors!

Download Factor App today – You’re under no obligation, and Factor App is 100% Free!

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Turn Accounts Receivable Invoices Into Immediate CASH – Factor App


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Factor App – Fast, easy factoring using your Smartphone!

Download Factor App to SHOP your accounts receivable invoices for the best deal! (Factors compete to buy your invoices)

“If you’re not shopping your invoices, you’re loosing money!”

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