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Are you facing cash flow gaps in your small to mid-sized business? Turn your business assets (invoices) into immediate working capital. Get Cash for your invoices by factoring.

Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.  A business will sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet its present and immediate cash needs.

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Don’t wait 30+ days to receive payment, unlock cash that’s trapped in your accounts receivable invoices. Start factoring and get paid within 24 hours for invoices.

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Get a few competitive offers to get the best business financing deal

A few competitive offers means a lot for your business. Financing is competitive, if you know where to look.

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How do competitive offers help?

  1. Leverage – You get to listen to what each finance company has to offer to find out what your business options are. Use the information provided by different finance companies to negotiate the best rate, terms and most money for your accounts receivable invoices.
  2. Knowledge – Each finance company is different. The amount of money you can access within 24 hours depends on several different business variables. Most factors – one on one will not take the time to explain what all these key variables are, so getting a few offers from different finance companies teaches you a little more each time. When you know the variables in the funding equation, you can negotiate a good deal for your business financing.
  3. Best deal – When finance companies know they’re competing against each other, you’re going to get their best deal today! For example, when you’re using to get a few competitive offers from the top companies, they know they have to be competitive, helpful and transparent or they won’t have a chance to win your business.

The goal is to provide a place ( where business owners like yourself can get a fair opportunity and a good deal when financing. If you’re trying to call, email or contact every finance company out there, it’s going to be a daunting and tedious task of sharing your business information over and over, answering the same questions hundreds of times and worst of all not knowing the finance companies you’re even talking to are dependable, secure and good businesses.

With factor bid, your experience is fast, easy and secure. We’ve done all the heavy lifting already. Once you submit your invoice or fill out your custom application form; you’re going to get a few offers from the top factor finance companies that are the best and specialize in your industry specifically. They know they’re competing for your business, so they’re offers have to be straight forward with the best funding available today or they won’t have a chance in winning your business.

If you want the most money and best deal when financing your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash, then click the link at the top of the blog and visit our home page. From their you can click the “Let’s Get Started” button. Within the hour, you’ll have competitive offers to buy your invoices for fast cash.

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Smart business owners know – it takes money to make money

If you’ve been in business long enough, it’s because you know it takes money to make money. You need cash flow to purchase supplies, hire employees, pay rent, cover payroll,overhead and other day-to-day expenditures that arise at a moments notice.

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What does the impact of FACTORING do for you?

Let’s take a quick look at your current business expenditures and profits and then add in factoring to see if the saying holds up “It takes money to make money!”

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As an example from the diagram above –  you can see that part of making more money each year is having more annual sales and additional labor costs to help facilitate company wide growth.

Factor finance companies want you to be successful. The better you do, the better they do. What it boils down to for most smart business owners that already figured out how to unlock cash tied up in their accounts receivable invoices is if you expect to grow at a competitive rate, then you need a financial backer like a factor finance company.

Factoring doesn’t add debt to your books, since accounts receivable invoices are an asset on your balance sheet. Unlock capital that’s trapped in your accounts receivables and start growing your business at a faster and more profitable rate today!

Remember – not all factor finance companies are the same. Visit to get a few competitive offers from the top factor finance companies that specialize in factoring invoices in your specific industry.

When factors know they’re competing to earn your business you get the most competitive offers to earn your business!

Factor App – invoice financing for business’ on the go!

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Invoice financing, also know as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for their outstanding accounts receivable invoices.

Could your business benefit from an injection of new cash flow? Invoice financing, also know as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for their outstanding accounts receivable invoices.

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How does invoice factoring work?

There is no big secret to factor financing (selling your invoices for immediate cash). To access invoice financing a business simply needs to providing goods and/or services to other creditworthy businesses on terms (invoicing)

What does the typical Factor Financing cycle look like for your business?

  • Once you’ve completed your service or delivery of goods you’ll invoice customers as usual.
  • Depending on how much capital your business needs to access, will determine which customer invoices you decide to factor.
  • You’ll submit your open invoices to the factor along with any additional supporting docs you’ve agreed to provide for specific customers.
  • Within 24 hours of verification, the factor finance company will wire or ACH up to 85-95 percent of the gross invoice to your account.
  • In the normal course of business, check from your customers will continue to be payable to your company, however may be mailed to a specific mailing address that your factor finance company has set up. There are also other ways a factor will accept payments on your behalf – this is an important detail you need to discuss with your new factor finance partner.
  • Once the factor receives payment from your customer (in full) they will post it to your account. They then remove the amount that was initially advanced to you (to cover what they fronted you) plus their agreed upon fee.
  • You’ll receive daily comprehensive accounting information so you can review the factors advances and customer payments.
  • You’ll also have access to a suite of tools that can help you check the creditworthiness of potential new customers you’re considering working with.

Factoring your outstanding invoices is a symbiotic relationship for your company and the factor finance company. Factoring is not like a bank loan, where you need to put up personal equity or credit. The factors are using your receivables as collateral and the more your business grows the better you and your factor finance company does.

Also don’t forget that factoring your invoices and getting paid within 24 hours for your open invoices reduces your liability in collecting outstanding, late or non-payments from your customers. Make sure you talk to your factor finance company about non-recourse factoring vs recourse factoring before deciding which type of agreement is best for your business needs.

Now that you’re ready to start factoring – visit to get a few offers from competing factor finance companies for your open invoices. When factors compete you get the best deal. Factor bid is free, enjoy!

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Do I need good credit to Factor Finance my accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash?

I hear from my friend that Factoring (cash for invoices) doesn’t use my credit score? 

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Factoring your open accounts receivable invoices can seem like a no brainer.  Who doesn’t want instant access to cash they have already worked for and earned?   For those of you who are a bit scared that you are going to walk into another situation where your credit rating is going to be scrutinized or that by factoring you are adding more debt to your books — HAVE NO FEAR!  On the contrary, if that is what’s holding you back REJOICE!  Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of factor financing.

Factoring does not impact your personal or business credit.  In fact, factoring does not require you to have any credit history at all.  Factoring has everything to do with the people and companies you do business with.  You see, when a factor finance company partners with you and purchases your open accounts receivable invoices, their terms are based on the creditworthiness of YOUR CUSTOMER. The Factor will also help you realize if businesses are high or low risk, good or bad for your business.

Here comes the “infomercial” pitch:  But WAIT there’s more!

That’s right!  If you factor within the next 24 hours, you can:

  • Spend less time in the office
  • Grow your business

How can factoring restore and/or increase your company’s credit rating?  Easily.  The key to having a great credit score is paying your bills on time and not carrying too much debt. As a business, we understand the challenges of waiting too long for customers to pay. You need cash to cover day-to-day business expenses, pay employees and more. Less cash on hand means an increase in late payments from your business which can become a day-to-day nightmare for your company and even personal credit score.  Once your late on a few bills and even worse behind on payments every week, it ends up costing you a lot more to bail yourself out.

Having a good credit rating is important for your business.  Yes, factoring your open accounts receivable invoices allows you to have access to unlimited cash flow (limited only by how much business you complete).  However, there might be a time when you need to borrow a larger sum of money as you grow and expand.  For example – In the case of a start-up, it’s usually the personal credit of the business owner themselves that is on the line when trying to get a traditional bank loan. But what if the personal credit of the business owner is just okay, and doesn’t meet the requirements of the local lending bank? You don’t get the loan, that’s what happens. So if you’re looking to get paid from assets you’re business already owns, like your accounts receivable invoices then give factoring a try, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll also be working toward establishing the creditworthiness of your business.

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At Factor Bid, we thought of the hard working business owner who needs to cover daily expenses and dreams of growing their company to the biggest and best.  Yes, we are awesome at what we do.  How awesome are we:

  • We personally know and work with quality factors within every industry
  • We take two minutes of your time instead of hours spent traditionally in researching factor finance companies
  • At Factor bid -factors compete for the opportunity to buy your open invoices, so you get the best possible deal when factoring your accounts receivable invoices. 

Don’t wait 30,45 or 90 days, submit your invoice at factor bid and get paid as soon as today for your outstanding invoices.

When factors know their competing for your business at the same time, they’re more likely to give you their very best offer right out of the gate in order to win your business, which means a better rate, better terms and more money in your pocket!

Factoring on the GO!

Download Factor App – the only factor financing app that gets you the most money for your A/R invoices.

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Discovering business capital that is right in front of you, is comparable to winning the lottery..

Discover business capital that is tied up in your outstanding open accounts receivable invoices. Don’t become the financier of your customers, you delivered goods/services now it’s time to get paid. Don’t wait 30,45 or even 90 days to be paid, Get Cash Today!

Why is your CASH worth more TODAY than tomorrow?

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You just won the lottery!  You begin planning how you are going to pay off debt, buy a new home, give money to the family, go on vacation, maybe give to a charity.  The lottery gives you two payment options:  Receive $1,000,000 now or $1,000,000 over the course of five years.  What pay-out are you going to chose?

Most everyone is going to want their $1,000,000 up front.  Why is it better to have the money now, rather than later?  Any hard working business owner will tell you, waiting for the check to arrive adds unwanted stress to our business. We didn’t sign up to be the financial arm of our customers, while they use our money to make more money. Let’s look at the TIME VALUE OF MONEY!

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What is the Time Value of Money

A $10 dollar bill is the same today as a $10 dollar bill five years from now.  However, if you have $10 now you can begin earning interest on that $10.  All of a sudden, your $10 is worth $11 five year from now.  This might not seem like a big deal in the case of $10, but it is when you are a business dealing with thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars — It is a VERY BIG DEAL!

It becomes an even a bigger deal when the $10 dollars you’re suppose to have today, ends up arriving 60 days after it’s suppose to, or worse off, never arrives at all! Liability plays a key roll in important business decision, especially when your money is involved.

So what can you do to ensure you’re being paid sooner for the job you’ve already delivered.

Many industries use invoicing as a method of payment for services rendered or products purchased.  Payment can take as little as 30 days to receive or as long as 120 days. Someone in the trucking industry, for example, might receive payment in 30 days for their services or in 45 days if the customer is slow pay.  In the case of the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals have to wait for both the insurance company to pay a percentage of the bill followed by the client to pay off the remaining balance.  That is a lot of paperwork and a huge amount of time tied up in waiting for payment.

So what you can do is “unlock” the cash that’s being trapped within your outstanding accounts receivable invoices.


Visit and we will show you how easy it is to unlock cash that is sitting in your open accounts receivable invoices.  Simply upload your invoice, or snap a picture using our finance app called Factor App, and within minutes factor finance companies will be competing to buy your A/R Invoices for immediate cash.  Isn’t it nice to have someone competing for your business for a change, while you are out competing for everyone else’s?  

The best part about getting your business set up with a factor finance company (that buys your invoices and gets you paid within 24 hours) is the simple fact that you’re no longer going to be the bank. Let someone else finance your customers, so you can get your money upfront and use it to grow your own business faster.

If you’re making money, so is your factor finance partner. Factors want to see you grow your business faster and make more money. They’re ready and able with their years of experience and back office assistance to turn your small business into a thriving, competitive juggernaut within your industry.

Check out Factor bid to get a few offers from the top factor finance companies within your industry, and get paid as soon as today for your outstanding accounts receivable invoices (A/R Invoices)

Factor Financing in an App – Factor App – Download for your Smartphones

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Simply put, The History of Factoring (invoice finance)

The History of Factoring

Factoring has existed for thousands of years;

What does ancient Mesopotamia and the Roman Empire have in common?  How about the East India Trading Company, Hudson Bay Trading Company, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony?  Each of these civilizations and businesses use factoring as a way to grow their economy and/or fund their business endeavors.

In ancient Mesopotamia (1754 B.C.), there is a well preserved babylonian law code titled the, “Code of Hammurabi.”  The sixth babylonian king, Hammurabi, enacted the code and it covered such things as trading, punishments, and other laws meant to govern with justice.  This is one of the first preserved written records that mentions factoring type transactions.  The Roman Empire also has evidence that they sold their promissory notes at a discounted rate.

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Factoring was a way of life in England well before the 1400’s, and the pilgrims brought this form of financing with them to the Americas.  Even the Mayflower and the expedition to Plymouth were funded by factor financiers out of London.  Once the early American colonies were established, factoring remained an integral facet to the health of the economy.  Goods like fur and timber were shipped back to London to be sold.  Factor financiers were able to provide the funding the colonist needed while the goods were being shipped, but also collect the debt for the goods from European buyers in London when they arrived.

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There are three distinct qualities of factoring:

  1. It is not a loan.  It is the purchase of an asset.  In this case, the asset is the outstanding, or open, accounts receivable invoice.
  2. The credit is based on the receivables and not on the businesses itself.  Factors review the creditworthiness of the debtor.  Again, the debtor is not the one receiving the money for the accounts receivable invoice at the discounted rate.  The debtor is the one whom the product/service has been provided and owes the business money (the debt).  That is the person or entity the factor is most concerned with.  Is the person who owes their monies credit worthy and will they pay?  
  3. There are three parties directly involved: the factor who purchases the receivable, the one who sells the receivable, and the debtor who has a financial liability that requires him or her to make a payment to the owner of the invoice. In the case of a loan, there are two parties;  the lender and the debtor.  In factor finance; the seller, the factor finance company, and the debtor all play an intricate roll in the factoring relationship.  In fact, if the debtor is not making payment, the factor will give notice to both the debtor and the seller and if need, take further action to retrieve those funds.

Great civilizations, amazing historical advances, and economic stability are all proof of factor financing at it’s richest and most profitable. Until now, a small to medium size business, looking to factor finance their receivables / assets has been at the mercy of traditional discovery; searching through mountains of information, assessing risk with little or no real comparison and overwhelmingly  trying to find the best deal to help their company succeed.

So what sets factoring apart today, from 1000’s of year ago? Technology! Smart business owners looking for leverage to negotiate the very best financial deal for their company will find a better alternative to traditional factoring called Factor Bid. matches business owners looking to sell their account receivables with competing factor finance companies, eager to buy those receivables for immediate cash. When you submit your accounts receivable invoice using factor bid, factor finance companies compete for the opportunity to earn your business and buy your outstanding A/R Invoices. You get the leverage and knowledge you need to negotiate the best deal with the least amount of effort and work.

Factor bid is easy to use and only takes about 2 minutes to get set up. Within the hour competing factor finance companies will be fighting for the opportunity to service your receivables and get you immediate capital to run your business.

You seriously have to wonder what the history of factoring would have looked like with a competitive system in place like factor bid. What type of voyages could have been even more successful, providing more supplies, with less liability and more available capital to leverage and stockpile goods, enhance trade commodities and increase supply chains.

Factor bid is a FREE RESOURCE for business owners. It’s recommended that you get a few offers from competing factor finance companies before deciding which factor finance partner is right for your business needs. visit factor bid now to get started and get paid as soon as today!

Go mobile – with Factor App

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Happy Factoring!

When your business partners with a factor to finance your accounts receivables, your customers are most likely already familiar with factor financing.

Factor finance has been around for thousands of years! When you partner with a factor to finance your receivables, your customers are most likely already familiar with factor financing.

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Invoice factoring creates capital on invoices already billed or outstanding invoices. Financing your receivable invoices increases your immediate cash flow and can help with covering day-to-day expenditures like, fuel, maintenance, payroll, purchasing of supplies and even investments to keep your business competitive in your industry.

With factor invoice financing your business will have predictable cash flow to purchase additional inventory, maintain employee costs and even earn vendor discounts. Factoring can be a short term or long term solution for assisting business growth. Don’t turn down new customers and business growth because you’re afraid you may not have enough cash on hand to pay the bills.

Invoice factoring creates capital on invoices already billed. You’re not borrowing money (like with a bank loan) that you haven’t earned yet. When you inform your customers you are partnering with a firm to handle your accounts receivables, the customer is most likely already familiar with factoring and treat it as normal course of business.

If you’re tired of waiting 30-90 days to get paid, then use to submit an invoice and let the top factors compete to earn your business and buy your outstanding open invoices for immediate cash!

Don’t make factoring harder than it is. Use Factor bid to help you get the leverage you need to negotiate the best deal when factoring!

Download Factor App for your mobile devices and find the top factor in your industry for free!

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The International Factoring Association (IFA) Annual Factor Finance Conference 2016 Fairmont Princess Factor Bid Exhibitor Scottsdale, AZ

The International Factoring Association (IFA) Annual Factor Finance Conference 2016 Fairmont Princess Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Factor Bid Exhibitor booth #3

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Factors (factor finance companies) -are you attending the IFA 2016 annual factoring conference? Stop by and meet the team behind – Accounts receivable invoice marketplace. Find out how you can get new invoice finance customers every day, right in your inbox. Simple, Smart Factor Finance Customer Acquisition Strategy.

Address: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess,7575 E Princess Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 -Thursday April 14 – Friday April 15

Grow your Factoring business today with Youtube Video

Who is the best Factoring company for financing my accounts receivable invoices?

Who is the best Factoring company for factor finance? I bet it changes daily! We’re going to tell you the easiest and most stress free way to find the best factor finance company that best fits your individual business needs.

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There are many variables that go into making the best Factor Finance Companies.

For example:

  • Their Finance Rate (how much you’re gunna pay, in discounted fees)
  • Their Finance Terms (how long you’re gunna stay)
  • Their Fee Structure (what kind of fee charges)
  • Their back office support (Do they help out with Fax, Phone Calls, Emails, Mail, etc.)
  • Their customer assistance help (can you reach them easily, when you have questions)
  • Their days to pay (number of days you have to wait for money)

..and many other details you should consider when selecting a Factor.

To make it easy for your business to connect with the best factors that match your industry, we created and Factor App – “yes factoring in an App, Amazing!”

See we feel like, why limit yourself to just one offer, when you can get multiple competitive offers from the top factors! is vetting factors and checking their business practices with our existing customers daily to make sure their not only claiming to be the best and top rated factor but also following through with those claims.

Once you use to connect with the best Factor finance companies, you’ll understand why business that want the best deal and most money when factoring use Factor App!

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