What’s best, Invoice factoring or MCA’ Merchant Cash Advance

If you break down the Merchant Cash Advance product, it’s limited in the dollar amount that can be advanced. Essentially MCA is a credit card with lipstick and driven mostly by calculated numbers and smart automation systems, not by lenders managing portfolios like a factor finance company or commercial lender.

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Frustrations arise with MCA lines of credit, because a borrowers’ business account will be debited daily in most scenarios for an agreed upon payoff in 8-14 months. Your business is wired a lump sum and as agreed a large number is debited by the financier each day to reach your agreed payoff/payback date of terms. Principal pay back is not flexible and needs to happen quickly.

With factoring the lending lines are typically not capped at around $200,000 like with MCA and rather can be in the millions. Factoring repayment tends to be a little more flexible too. Repayment happens when your customer (the debtor) pays the outstanding invoice, not everyday like with Merchant Cash Advance repayment.

Both Factoring and MCA are filling a working capital niche and both have higher interest rates when annualized than say a traditional bank loan.

If your business needs immediate working capital to keep the doors open and your facing hardship or even just need immediate capital to increase your business operations, then factoring your accounts receivable invoices could be a viable solution for you. A line of credit based on your merchant sales may also be a business financing solution you want to pursue. Regardless of which type of business financing you choose, visit www.factorbid.com to get a few competitive offers from finance companies.

When finance companies know they’re competing for your business, you’ll get a few competitive offers and can decide which finance partner is best for your business needs today.


Factoring (invoice finance) what is it and how to get the best deal

Accessing business capital for businesses of any size can be a stressful undertaking. Traditional bank loans can take weeks even months to become available, and even alternative lenders may charge high interest rates for the convenience of fast cash.

When it’s all said and done getting access to ongoing business capital to run your business can be challenging. If you take into account all the paperwork and time involved in setting up a relationship with a traditional lender, not to mention -it may take months before you even get an answer of whether or not you’re approved.

If you’d rather not have to wait and go through all the hassle of traditional loans and le, you may want to consider factoring (invoice financing).


Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount. A business will sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet its present and immediate cash needs. (see full details at wikipedia)

Factoring is an alternative method of financing that allows business owners like you to sell your invoices, aka your accounts receivables for immediate cash!


If you’ve made up your mind and are ready to start factoring your invoices for immediate cash, visit www.factor.bid to get started. At Factor bid -factor finance companies compete for the opportunity to buy your invoices. You’ll get a few offers from the top factor finance companies. When factors compete to buy your invoices, You Win!

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Not all factors are created equal. Different factors specialize in specific industries, and can’t always give you the best deal in your industry. Trying to locate a few factors online that do specialize in your industry is time consuming and can be a frustrating experience.

Factor bid quickly matches your submitted invoice with a huge database of factors that specialize in your industry. You’ll be contacted by a few of the top factors with their most aggressive offer. With Factor bid you’ll get the knowledge and leverage you need to negotiate the best deal when choosing your new factor finance company.

When factors know they’re competing to earn your business (factor bid) they’re going to give you a competitive offer when offering to buy your invoices. Factors want your ongoing business for as long as you need cash flow to grow your business, cover daily expenses, cover payroll, buy supplies and even invest in new business opportunities. If you contact a factor on your own by calling them or filling out a form on their website, you’re only going to receive one offer, instead of a few competitive ones!

Having access to cash within hours of invoicing a customer is a smart business practice. Even if you don’t need cash now, get set up with a factor so when you do need it, you can get paid immediately and access your cash, instead of waiting weeks or even months like you would have to with traditional bank loans.


Business owners with capital tied up in large purchase orders can benefit from factoring. For example -If your business doesn’t have cash to purchase supplies needed to fill an order or money to pay the employees salaries to fill new orders, then factor financing can help. If your outstanding invoices are making it difficult to keep up with new orders and even putting your growth trajectory at risk, then find out how factoring your invoices for immediate cash flow can help keep your business on the track.

Factoring your open receivables will unlock cash trapped in your invoices. You’ll also receive help from factors in simplifying your accounts receivable process. There is no collateral required to work with a factoring service, and the factor uses your customers credit rating and payment history, not yours. So if you’re a new business and are thinking you won’t qualify for financing with a factor, you’re wrong. Factors use your receivables (which are an asset) in order to get your the cash you need to make important business decisions today. Stop waiting 30, 45 or even 90 days, get paid as soon as today!


Factoring may not be the right fit for your business. However, if your day-to-day operations are suffering due to large cash flow gaps from outstanding invoices, then the option of getting a few offers for your receivables should be considered.

When you use Factor bid to connect with factors that specialize in your industry, you’re under no obligation to factor. You’ll get a few competitive offers from factors that are eager to earn your business. You decide if the offers are right for your business and then use the competitive offers to negotiate the best deal when accessing immediate cash for your business.

You want to work with someone that you trust and is transparent. The best way to do this is to use Factor bid. When factors know they’re competing for your new business, they’re going to be more likely to give you their best offer right out of the gate, because they know if you’re using Factor bid, you’re getting competitive offers at the same time.

It’s important that you view factoring as a financing strategy conducted over a period of time. Within this time, realize that factoring can help your business expand or recover while achieving long-term goals. The potential downside to any source of financing is that the fees may add up over time, and end up being more expensive than a traditional bank loan; that uses your home or some other large asset as collateral. However the higher cost upfront, may be worth it for immediate access to cash you need to secure new customers, cover business expenses and pay employees that are working to make your business more profitable. It may also be worth it not to use your personal savings and/or assets, like your home as collateral. Factoring your invoices don’t require any form of personal guarantee and may be just the solution to help your business reach the next step in your growth plan.


There are two classifications of factor finance services:

Non-Recourse factoring: NonRecourse factoring releases the business owner from liability for delinquent receivable accounts. In a non-recourse agreement the factor is taking on more responsibility and legwork in collecting outstanding owed receivable money. This type of factoring requires more attention to your account, more in-house and outsourced resources they may need to use to collect the debt, therefore is more costly. Also the creditworthiness of a business’ clientele will be more closely scrutinized in nonrecourse factoring.

Recourse factoring: Recourse factoring is the most common type of factoring today. Factors fund your invoices but require you t provide a refund on any invoices that remain unpaid past a certain amount of time, that they have fronted you money on. Since the business owner assumes the risk with recourse factoring, there is a wider range of more competitive rates and a lower cost to you to access immediate cash as needed for your business.

Bottom line is, business owners want to get paid for their work right away. The job isn’t considered complete until the customer has paid the invoice and the check has cleared the bank. So to keep your cash flow predictable and your stress levels low, visit Factor bid, submit an open invoices from your business and within the hour you’ll have offers from the top factor finance companies, eager to buy your invoices.

Once you’ve selected the best offer from the factor finance company that best fits your needs today, you’ll have a savvy partner (factor finance company) that will help you streamline your accounts receivable collection process, check the credit of new potential customers you’re considering doing business with and access to cash within hours of invoicing customers.

Get going on increasing cash flow for your business today, Get Factor.bid

Is your business mobile? Download Factor App and submit your accounts receivable invoices via your Smartphone or Tablet.

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Factor App for your Android Smartphone

Factor App for your Apple iPhone

The fastest and most convenient way for small businesses to get funding.

Did you know you can access immediate capital from your accounts receivables? When you invoice a customer for payment, it’s because that customer owes you money for delivery of goods and/or services your business provided.

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Turn invoices into immediate CASH

Factor finance companies are in the business of buying your outstanding accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash. You can sell your open invoices to a factor finance company and get cash within 24 hours of invoicing customers.

Owning a business can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be challenging when cash management is taking time away from running your business. This can make accessing capital for your business slow and difficult on a consistent basis.

With factor financing, you’ll be able to realize your predictable cash flow each week/month and speed up receiving payments from outstanding invoices. No more waiting to be paid. When you started your business, you didn’t anticipate having to carry your customers by waiting weeks or even months to receive payment. Now that you know about factoring, take back your money and let someone else finance your customers on terms, while you get paid immediately for a job well done.

Factoring is a great way to leverage your business assets (invoices) to gain access to immediate cash. Cash that will help you cover day to day expenses, payroll, supplies, equipment costs, fuel, insurance, taxes and more.

That’s where we come in. We started Factor bid to help small business owners find the best deal when factoring. Factor bid matches your business with the top factor finance companies looking to buy your invoices today! It’s takes about 2 minutes to submit an invoice, and within the hour you’ll have competitive offers from factor finance companies that are eager to earn your business and buy your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash. The factors don’t mind waiting to be paid, in fact that’s their business model. You on the other hand can do so much more with your money today.

Don’t wait 30,45 or even 60 days to be paid for work you’ve already completed. Visit www.factor.bid and get a few offers from competing factors to buy your outstanding invoices today!

Is your business mobile? Grab the #1 App for small business financing. Download FactorApp for your Smartphone now!

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Two ways to factor your open invoices; recourse and non-recourse.

Two ways to Factor Finance your outstanding accounts receivable invoices for cash! Get an injection of cash for your business that trapped in your accounts receivables. Funding in as little as 24 hours! www.factorbid.com

*Recourse Factoring Agreement

*Non-Recourse Factoring Agreement

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Ask questions about your factoring agreement!

Factoring benefits your business by providing immediate cash flow on your accounts receivable invoices. You’ll have the cash on hand to grow your business, cover daily expenses and even invest in additional supplies, employees and opportunities that present themselves.

Factors also add their assistance with back office bookkeeping help. Factor finance companies collect payments on your outstanding receivables from your customers. Having more cash on hand plus a factor that handles collections provides you the time and money to do what you do best, work hard for your business!

Let’s discuss your two types of factoring; recourse and non-recourse factor financing.

Non-Recourse Factoring


Non-recourse factoring is appealing from a risk management perspective. It lowers your company liability.

With non-recourse agreements, the factor accepts more of the risk of non-payment by your customers that don’t pay.


Non-recourse factoring is usually more expensive than recourse factoring. Non-recourse factoring is also limited to debtors (your customers) invoices that are most likely to pay. If a debtor has poor payment history and credit rating, a factor will usually not assume the risk of non-recourse factoring.

Non-recourse factoring doesn’t always protect your company from all risk involved from non-payment by a debtor. Some factor finance companies only offer non-recourse in the event your debtor declares bankruptcy. But if a debtor decides to simply close their doors and disappear  one day without paying, the factoring client will have to buy back that invoice from the factor finance company.

Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring is the default for most factoring agreement today. Recourse is an understanding between you and your factor finance company, that you must buy back receivables that the factor is not able to collect on.


Recourse factoring is typically less expensive. Less risk for the factor finance company means a lower rate for your business when selling your invoices for immediate cash.


As the client, you’ll have to cover the cost of any invoices (bad debt) of your customer that decided not to pay.

Whichever type of factoring you decide to obtain through your factor finance company, make sure you’re getting a few offers from different factors so you get the best deal. Every factor is different and every business has different types of customers. You may work with big companies that have long business standing in the community and are seen as low risk, which means your rate and terms may be different from a business working with a newer more high risk company with less long-standing business history to examine.

By visiting www.factor.bid – you’ll get a few offers from competing factors that specialize in your specific industry. When factors know they’re competing for your business at the exact same time, you’ll get their very best deal!

Start your factoring experience the easy way, by using factor bid, where we match you with the top factor finance companies that are eager to earn your business and provide you with competitive offers to prove it!


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Invoice financing, also know as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for their outstanding accounts receivable invoices.

Could your business benefit from an injection of new cash flow? Invoice financing, also know as factoring, helps companies get cash in exchange for their outstanding accounts receivable invoices.

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How does invoice factoring work?

There is no big secret to factor financing (selling your invoices for immediate cash). To access invoice financing a business simply needs to providing goods and/or services to other creditworthy businesses on terms (invoicing)

What does the typical Factor Financing cycle look like for your business?

  • Once you’ve completed your service or delivery of goods you’ll invoice customers as usual.
  • Depending on how much capital your business needs to access, will determine which customer invoices you decide to factor.
  • You’ll submit your open invoices to the factor along with any additional supporting docs you’ve agreed to provide for specific customers.
  • Within 24 hours of verification, the factor finance company will wire or ACH up to 85-95 percent of the gross invoice to your account.
  • In the normal course of business, check from your customers will continue to be payable to your company, however may be mailed to a specific mailing address that your factor finance company has set up. There are also other ways a factor will accept payments on your behalf – this is an important detail you need to discuss with your new factor finance partner.
  • Once the factor receives payment from your customer (in full) they will post it to your account. They then remove the amount that was initially advanced to you (to cover what they fronted you) plus their agreed upon fee.
  • You’ll receive daily comprehensive accounting information so you can review the factors advances and customer payments.
  • You’ll also have access to a suite of tools that can help you check the creditworthiness of potential new customers you’re considering working with.

Factoring your outstanding invoices is a symbiotic relationship for your company and the factor finance company. Factoring is not like a bank loan, where you need to put up personal equity or credit. The factors are using your receivables as collateral and the more your business grows the better you and your factor finance company does.

Also don’t forget that factoring your invoices and getting paid within 24 hours for your open invoices reduces your liability in collecting outstanding, late or non-payments from your customers. Make sure you talk to your factor finance company about non-recourse factoring vs recourse factoring before deciding which type of agreement is best for your business needs.

Now that you’re ready to start factoring – visit www.factor.bid to get a few offers from competing factor finance companies for your open invoices. When factors compete you get the best deal. Factor bid is free, enjoy!

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Get immediate quotes from experts in (invoice factoring) asset based accounts receivable financing.

So you’re in business and you have expenses, welcome to life, thanks for checking in. Did you know you can free-up money that’s been tied up in your accounts receivables? Yep, your receivables are considered an asset and factor finance companies are willing to buy them at a discount of their face value.

If you didn’t start your business to become the financial arm (Net 30-45 terms) of your customers, while their business’ thrive and grow quickly on your dime, then it’s time you discovered factoring your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash.

[ To watch a quick YouTube video on how to get a few offers from competing factor finance companies to buy your open accounts receivable invoices Click Here ]

Low Risk Business Idea that is Applicable, even Thriving in 2016

Congratulations, you’re an entrepreneur. Now what!? You are passionate about your ideas and have created an amazing product and/or service to be proud of.  But the initial inspiration of going into business for yourself is quickly slowing, even being derailed by the challenges small businesses face managing their predictable finances.  Indeed, to be competitive and stand apart from the competition, having cash on hand to spend will allow you to keep your dream of owning your own business alive, but for how long? Positive cash flow during the critical initial phases of growth and exposure can be the difference between living your dream and/or dealing with a real-life nightmare!

*Fast, Simple  and Confidential – Business Financing (Factor Bid)

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Factor bid matches business owners with factor financiers looking to buy their open accounts receivable invoices. Take the hassle out of funding your business!

If you’ve ever thought about visiting your local bank to get a business loan.., borrower beware and continue reading…;

Simply put-

Many new business entrepreneurs are unable to secure a loan at their local bank due mainly to qualification criteria. Business loans are typically only available to established businesses with at least two years of banking history and substantial assets that are used as collateral against a new business loan.  Unfortunately most of us have to learn the hard way and after wasted efforts and time invested, many business owners will be denied the much needed funds to grow a healthy new business.

So the question now becomes: What can I do to acquire working capital (cash readily available for my business, today) without the hassle and lengthly amount of time invested that goes into taking out a traditional loan or even some other high risk option?

The answer to this question is Accounts Receivable Factoring.  To understand if your business is eligible for factoring, ask yourself this;

1.) For The Business Owner: What do we give away to our customer?

Whether it be specialty cupcakes or a consulting service- all businesses will sell either a product, service, or a combination of both to generate sales.   In layman’s terms “it takes money to make money!” 

2.) For The Business Owner: What did we get in return for our products/services from the customer?

Most of us are familiar with cash.  We like cash, because we can spend it how ever we need to in order to keep moving ahead in business. But there are other forms of payments a business may use to acquire payment in exchange for the sale of a product or service they provide.  One of these methods is called “invoicing” which offers you customers terms and enables them to pay for goods and/or services at a later date in time (typically called a Net30 or Net45, etc.  When invoicing occurs, the business owner creates an asset called an (accounts receivable) for the customer as a promissory note to pay at a later date. This form of payment is known as accounts receivables invoices and is categorized as an asset on the business balance sheet.

So now that we know we can unlock capital that’s being held hostage in our accounts receivable invoices, what’s the fastest and easiest way to find a factor finance company to buy my accounts receivable invoices for the best possible deal.

Glad you asked -Smart business owners trust Factor bid to get a few competitive offers from factor finance companies to buy their open accounts receivable invoices, for immediate cash! Factor bid is simple, easy to use and gets you the knowledge you need to negotiate the best deal when deciding which factor finance company is best for your company.

Factoring has so many benefits besides just lowering your risk in collecting on open and outstanding invoices.  For example; you’ll get years of experience when you partner with a factor finance company, to help streamline your accounts receivables process and even professional advice on how to grow your business more efficiently, while accessing tools that keep your business out of trouble and away from other high risk business partnerships. See a factoring company has your best interest in mind. Why you may ask. Well simple put, the more new customers you acquire, the more new invoices you sent and ultimately the more money you generate the better, both you and your factor finance partner do.

If a factor finance company can help you increase your bottom line, and the increase is greater than their small fee for accessing immediate cash flow for your business, then the relationship makes sense. For example, if you’re netting 10% a year in your business, and a factor ends up costing you 2-3% of your total sales annually, but the next year your business starts seeing a 14%-16% percent net, then you’re making more money than before you started factoring your invoices. Plus your business is becoming more efficient, and you’re getting more work done in less time thanks to some smart bookkeeping ideology your factor finance partner is helping to implement within your business practices.

The take-away from this helpful article is your accounts receivable invoices are considered an asset and should be recorded as an asset on your financial statements.  Why does this matter?  It matters because your accounts receivable invoices can be used as a tool to generate cash from third parties (factors) who are interested in purchasing the  open invoices.  

To get started learning more about invoice factoring (invoice finance) visit www.factor.bid and watch our 30 second video. If you’re not dead sure exactly how factor bid can help you get the best deal when financing your open invoices, then call us direct at (650) 924-3520 and one of our associates can help get you set up to receive competitive offers for your outstanding invoices. It takes about 2-3 minutes to submit an invoice and get the ball rolling on getting immediate cash for your receivables.

Factoring on the GO – Get Factor App for your Apple iPhone and Google Android Smartphones.

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for Apple iPhones

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Myth Busters in Factor Financing ‘invoice financing’ your account receivables.

Myths Busters in Factor Financing:

Myth 1:  My credit is horrible.  I am going to get charged the max at the worst possible rate!

CHECK:  When you finance your open accounts receivable invoices, factors consider the creditworthiness of your client – not you.  Factors want to know the likelihood that YOUR CUSTOMER is going to pay you on time.

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Myth 2:  I do not want another loan.  I have enough payments I have to make!

CHECK:  Factoring is not a loan.  In fact, you cannot walk to your local bank and factor. Factors pay you for your open accounts receivable invoices at a discounted rate.  They are paying you upfront for work you have already completed.  Think of it like a cash advance on your paycheck, but even better!

Myth 3:  I am losing money if I sell my open accounts receivable invoices at a discount!

CHECK:  You are losing money when you have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid.  We have all heard the expression, “Time is Money,” and “Money on time is better than money late.”  In fact, you can build in “The Hard Cost of Factoring”, by simply adding an administrative charge to your service or product offering when invoicing your customers.

Your customer chose you because you’re the best at what you do and after partnering with a factor, that has an excess of resources such as; Credit checking, back office support, administrative assistance and years of experience and advice from your account manager, your customers will easily realize the benefits of a professionally run back office business relationship – from factor financing your receivables.

Myth 4:  If I use Factor Bid, I am going to have to pay a fee.

CHECK:  Factor Bid is a FREE resource for small-medium sized businesses. You’re under NO OBLIGATION TO FACTOR. Factor bid gets you a few competitive offers from factor finance companies that want to buy your outstanding receivables for immediate cash!

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Myth 5:  Factor Bid is going to obligate me into choosing a factor, even if I don’t like them.

CHECK:  Factor Bis simply matches your business invoices with the top factor finance companies who finance open accounts receivable invoices within your industry.  You will receive a few offers to buy your outstanding receivables for immediate cash. When factors know they’re competing for your business at the exact same time, you’re going to get the very best offers available, in order to earn your business and trust today! 

Myth 6:  No one factors their invoices!

CHECK:  Smart business owners factor all the time.  They know the value of a dollar and the benefits of getting paid right away.  From industries such as freight transportation factoring, construction factoring, healthcare factoring, technology factoring, manufacturing factoring, staffing factoring and more. Millions of businesses factor their open accounts receivable invoices every day and because of it enjoy very profitable businesses. Did you know that Snapple factored it’s receivables for years to grow one of the most successful distribution models still in use today?

Myth 7:  I have never heard of factoring!  This is a scam and a new way people are trying to get my money.

CHECK:  Factoring has been around for thousands of year.  Have you ever heard of the Mayflower or the settlement at Plymouth?  That’s right!  The whole expedition was funded by factoring.  Factoring is even documented during the Roman Empire.  Check out your Balance Sheet.  Do you see Accounts Receivable under the Assets column?  An Asset can be tangible or intangible, owned or controlled, and has positive economic worth.  You are sitting on an asset that can (and is still being today) leveraged for immediate cash.

Myth 8:  Factors don’t care whether I grow my company.  They are only in it for themselves.

CHECK:  It is in the best interest of the factor that you grow your company.  When you grow, you produce more invoices, which means MORE invoices for factors to finance and ultimately MORE CASH in bank at the end of the year. If you do well, they will do well. It’s a win-win for both your growing company and the factor financiers company.

Myth 9:  I can factor with the banking institution I have banked with my entire life.

CHECK:  You cannot walk into your bank and expect them to factor.  Banks are set up to deal with loans, not purchase your assets at a discounted rate.  Remember, you are selling your open accounts receivable invoices.  Banks do not purchase anything because their purpose is money lending/investing.  Factor financier’s exist to PURCHASE your business assets (invoices) for increased capital for your business. Yes they do charge a fee, but they also assume risk in advancing you a large part of your invoice within 24 hours so you don’t have to wait 30-45 days for your customers to send the check.

Myth 10:  It is a hassle to factor and will take up a huge amount of my time.

CHECK:  With Factor Bid, you are now quickly matched with factor financiers within your industry who are competing for your business.  In exchange for two minutes of your time, Factor Bid will save you hours of research, thousands of dollars in missed opportunity and the knowledge and leverage you get from receiving a few offers to buy your receivables. We even offer terminology you need to know and questions you need to ask when each factor finance company competes to win your ongoing business.  I know, I know, we are truly awesome, and FREE!

Myth 11: There is no Factoring App for invoice financing.

CHECK: Go Mobile – Download Factor App for Apple and Google Smartphones and start factoring from anywhere.

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Factor App for iOS Apple Smartphones

Factor App for Google Android Smartphones

Factor bid gives you a few offers to buy your open invoices. Get competitive offers from the top factor finance companies and get paid as soon as today!

Factor.bid gives you a few offers to buy your open invoices. Get competitive offers from the top factor finance companies that specialize in your industry and get paid as soon as today!

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Turn Invoices Into CASH


Factor bid gives you a few offers from factor finance companies competing to buy your outstanding invoices, freeing up your cash to purchase supplies, cover payroll, or expand your business. “A great option for small businesses that need cash.”

Eliminate the wait, get paid now

Factor bid eliminates the stress of slow paying customers. Waiting for payment on Net 30/60/90 terms is painful when you have a business to run.

A debt-free solution

Invoices represent revenue you’ve already earned. Why take a loan when you can unlock existing capital to get paid faster? Factor bid matches you with a few factor finance companies looking to buy your invoices for immediate cash, so you don’t have to wait.

Get paid in a snap

Snap a picture or upload a copy of your open invoice to begin. Within minutes you’ll have competitive offers to buy your A/R Invoices from a few of the top factor finance companies that specialize in factoring invoices in your industry.

Approvals as fast as 24 hours for your first advance

Once you choose the right factor finance company to partner with, you’ll be able to receive your first payment within 24 hours. Ongoing funding requests can be approved and released to your account in as fast as an hour.

Receive the funds directly to your bank account

Choose ACH as your payment option for 1-2 day delivery or choose wire for same day availability. Use the funds to manage and grow your business.

Thinking about factoring on the go?

Download Factor App for your Smartphone

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Factor App for Google Android Smartphones

Factor App for Apple iOS Smartphones


Security Guard Companies Invoice Factoring

Security Guard Companies Invoice Factoring -with increasing need for security guard services throughout North America, make sure your company can is cash flow positive to cover employee payroll.

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Security Guard Companies

Investing in factoring gives your company the predictable cash flow that can be used to invest in the latest technology for your security guards. Provide your clients with top-notch security services and state-of-the-art technology can help set your company apart from your competitors.

Factors can also help with your backend accounts receivable invoicing and collections. Give your company an advantage over competitors. Get paid right away on your outstanding invoices and grow your company faster. Don’t turn down huge accounts with lucrative payout potential because you don’t have the capital on hand to support additional day-to-day expenditures. Partner with a factor finance company and start treating your accounts receivables as assets that can provide immediate increased cash flow.

Cash flow is often a problem in any growing business. You’ve got expenses and typically the business is forced to carry those expenses for several months until customers send in payments. Factor finance will let you sell your accounts receivable invoices at a discount, keeping the business cash flow positive and allowing for faster growth and better quarterly profits.

Security companies have ongoing expenses each month. Not only do you have to make payroll for your security guards. You also have to invest in the right equipment and even be able to offer tailored services to your clients.

Factoring security guard services invoices is very straight forward. When you sign-on a new client, complete the service job or project and send in the invoice, the factor advances you a large portion of the total invoice amount. This way, you’ll have the cash you need to cover weekly and monthly expenses. Once your client pays the invoice in full, the factor will pay you the remaining reserve amount, minus a small factoring fee that you have pre-negotiated in advance.

Factor is much different than a bank loan. With factoring you don’t have any funding limits like you might have with a traditional bank loan. Banks tend to limit how much you can borrow, and renegotiating that limit can take a good deal of time. With factoring, your line of credit continues to expand as your business grows and you take on more new clients. This way you’ll have predictable cash flow and won’t need to resubmit financials, documents and business credit history to ask for an increase from the lending establishment, like a bank.

Factoring also doesn’t need a long list of assets and you don’t need to have a substantial credit history. In fact with factoring, the service provider is more concerned with your clients’ ability to pay, as opposed to your credit history.

Another key advantage that many security agents don’t consider when considering the idea of partnering with a factor finance company is the benefit of someone else handling the administrative duties related to background checking new customer clients. Following up on outstanding invoices and collecting receivables due on outstanding invoices can be a tedious job for anyone. It’s these small value-add services that add up and can save your growing company a significant amount of time and money!

We’ve seen more security companies looking to secure more government projects. With a factor finance company as your finance partner, you’ll have access to predictable cash flow so you can pursue government contracts with confidence, knowing that your factoring company is supporting you every step of the way.

It’s recommended that when you’re ready to factor your security guard services invoices you get a few competitive offers. Decide from a few different factor finance companies which one best fits the needs of your company today. You can do this by using Factor.bid when choosing which factor is right for your growing business needs.

Visit www.factor.bid today to get started. It’s free and you’ll get a few offers from the top factor finance companies that specialize in security guard services invoice financing.

You can also use your mobile devices to find the best factor to buy your accounts receivable invoices by downloading Factor App.

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Distribution Invoice Finance

Distribution Invoice Finance -does your distribution company face product cost challenges? As a distributor, you know the products you’re going to sell and the costs associated with manufacturing, storing, shipping and selling / distributing those products. But did you take into consideration the holding costs associated with accounts receivables?

Typically we don’t! How’s the old saying go “It’s as good as money in the bank!” Until one of your customers pays late or not at all. Then the money your business needs to keep it running smoothly is all of a sudden not there on time.

Late money can cause a world of stress and headache within your organization. Not to mention the time and resources you’re going to have to spend to find out what’s happening with ‘slow-paying’ accounts or worse yet ‘no-paying’ accounts.

Late paying accounts receivable invoices may cost your company opportunity. You may not be able to fund additional purchases or worse have the assurance that your company can deliver products.

Sleep well at night by investing in factoring services for your distribution company. Keep your cash flow predictable so you can fulfill orders, meet payroll, deliver products, grow and stay competitive in your industry.

There are Factors that will buy your accounts receivables upfront, so you don’t need to wait net 30-45 or longer. That means you get paid as soon as today for your open outstanding invoices. Free up some of that earned capital by factoring your accounts receivable invoices.

And when you are ready to start factoring, make sure you’re using Factor.bid to get a few competitive offers for your invoices. It’s recommended that you have a few offers when deciding which factoring investment is right for your business. All Factors are different. Some offer different benefits and resources. Some offer different funding types and rate fees, etc.

Use Factor.bid -where you’re matched with the top factors that specialize in your industry and are eager to compete to give your company the best deal in order to earn your factor finance business.

Visit www.Factor.bid to start factoring now and get paid as soon as today!

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