Do you have a Facebook Business Page? Get it verified. See how below!

How great would it be to have YOUR business verified by Facebook?

  • Receive the Checkmark verification icon on your business page
  • Show up higher in search results
  • Show up first when consumers are using the Facebook search bar

    Verified Pages have quite a few perks, so why not get your business page verified today!

Follow these easy to do steps below. Simple, fast and good for your business.

Step 1: Click ‘Settings‘ in the upper right corner (see below)

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Step 2: Click Page Verification – ‘Edit’ from the drop down list (which is selection #3) from the top down. (see below)

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Step 3: Click ‘Verify this page‘ (see below)

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Step 4: follow the instructions within the Pop-up (see below)

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Step 5: If you elected to verify via your business phone number, Facebook will call you. ‘Enter your verification code’ from the phone call (see below)

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Step 6: Once entered; ‘Your page is under review’ (see below)

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Step 7: Once verified; you will see ‘Page is verified‘ (see below)

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This new feature makes it easier for local business pages to gain trust with consumers and fans.

This helps with duplicates and multiple entries for the same business. Businesses can make it easier for people to make sure that they are finding and communicating with the right Page and know they are doing business with exactly who they want to.

Additionally – Local page owners could also verify with a business document, so long as the official document has the company’s name and physical address.
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