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Distribution Invoice Finance -does your distribution company face product cost challenges? As a distributor, you know the products you’re going to sell and the costs associated with manufacturing, storing, shipping and selling / distributing those products. But did you take into consideration the holding costs associated with accounts receivables?

Typically we don’t! How’s the old saying go “It’s as good as money in the bank!” Until one of your customers pays late or not at all. Then the money your business needs to keep it running smoothly is all of a sudden not there on time.

Late money can cause a world of stress and headache within your organization. Not to mention the time and resources you’re going to have to spend to find out what’s happening with ‘slow-paying’ accounts or worse yet ‘no-paying’ accounts.

Late paying accounts receivable invoices may cost your company opportunity. You may not be able to fund additional purchases or worse have the assurance that your company can deliver products.

Sleep well at night by investing in factoring services for your distribution company. Keep your cash flow predictable so you can fulfill orders, meet payroll, deliver products, grow and stay competitive in your industry.

There are Factors that will buy your accounts receivables upfront, so you don’t need to wait net 30-45 or longer. That means you get paid as soon as today for your open outstanding invoices. Free up some of that earned capital by factoring your accounts receivable invoices.

And when you are ready to start factoring, make sure you’re using Factor.bid to get a few competitive offers for your invoices. It’s recommended that you have a few offers when deciding which factoring investment is right for your business. All Factors are different. Some offer different benefits and resources. Some offer different funding types and rate fees, etc.

Use Factor.bid -where you’re matched with the top factors that specialize in your industry and are eager to compete to give your company the best deal in order to earn your factor finance business.

Visit www.Factor.bid to start factoring now and get paid as soon as today!

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