Cash flow when you need it most, payment as fast as the next day!

Factor Bid – Compare invoice finance offers.. free!
Cash flow when you need it most, payment as soon as the next day!
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Do you invoice customers for payment? Discover how in just minutes you can unlock money trapped in your invoices. Turn open invoices into immediate cash flow.  Fast | Easy | Secure

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If you don’t invoice customers for payment follow this link to see other types of small business financing offers!

Hold my check.. I can’t live like that

Cash flow is king. You need immediate access to money to run your business successfully in today’s uber competitive business world.

Capital tied up in your accounts receivable invoices in bad for business. The simple answer is Factor Bid.

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  1. Submit your invoices at Factor bid website
  2. Submit your invoices using Factor App
  3. Complete your custom online application

Factor bid is fast and secure. Get a few competitive offers to buy your open accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash!

When Factor Finance Companies Compete, YOU WIN!

Simple Benefits of Factoring Invoices

  • Increase cash on hand
  • Pay off debt, taxes, payroll tax and suppliers
  • Cover employee paychecks
  • Build your company credit faster
  • Bookkeeping assistance
  • Grow your business faster and stay competitive

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KISS principle “Keep it simple, stupid” – all benefits of factor financing (invoice finance) from Factor Bid

“Keep it simple, stupid” the KISS principal when it comes to your money! Don’t wait 30,45 or even 60 days to get paid for your outstanding accounts receivable invoices, get paid as soon as today!

When it comes to factoring (invoice finance), the sky’s the limit concerning all the benefits.  Mainly due to the question, “What are you going to do with all YOUR money you now have access to?” Let’s clarify, it’s your money and always was.  You already completed the job. Your client has the bill/invoice.  You are just waiting for the payment that you already earned.  This is important to wrap your head around.  When you factor finance, you are NOT applying for a loan!  You are gaining access to the cash that is trapped in your accounts receivable invoices and is owed to you for a job well done.

I’m ready to get a few offers for my invoice from competing factor finance companies – Let’s Start!

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What would your business look like if you were paid the SAME DAY for the products/services you provide?  What would it look like if you had the money in your checking account the next day, instead of having to wait 30 plus days?  How many people could you hire?  How many new trucks, supplies or necessary equipment could you buy to help grow your business faster?  What if you were not biting your nails on a Thursday ANYMORE when thinking about how to pay your employee’s on Friday?  Now, I am just talking about one invoice.  What if you are processing/billing 10, 20, or 30+ invoices a month…and waiting for the checks to arrive in the mail?

Ask yourself:  “How much MONEY is locked up in someone’s Accounts Payable (A/P) that you’re not accessing to pay your own bills?”  When you signed up to own your own business and create an amazing product/service, you didn’t intend on being the bank or finance company of all your customers, did you? Dream the dream.  What would your business look like if you were paid same day?  What would that be worth to you?

Apart from all the benefits above that specifically apply to your dreams, line of business, and how you want to grow your company, factoring your open accounts receivable invoices also does the following:

  1. Eliminates bad debt – As you will have no more bad debt, because you – smarty pants- will ALWAYS get paid for a job well done, you can eliminate this expense from showing its ugly head on your income statement.  That’s awesome!
  2. When you partner with a factor finance, you are partnering with an experienced company who now helps you manage your accounts receivable invoices.  No more collections process for you! No more expensive ‘collections outsourcing’ or lawyer retainer fees to deal with.
  3. The sky’s the limit!  You now have access to unlimited capital.  The more you grow, the more financing becomes available.  You love the factors and they love you.
  4. As factoring is NOT a loan, you will not be incurring any debt.  That’s right!  No debt. This frees up your balance sheet and keeps it healthy for when you want to obtain other types of financing or sell your company.
  5. Factors know that time and money go hand in hand.  They want to get you money fast and make the process as seamless as possible.


So, what are you waiting for?  Whether you have $5,000 or $120,000 of open accounts receivable invoices sitting on your desk, factoring can provide you the means to run your business like never before.  
Simply, go to to begin a FREE and NO OBLIGATION journey into the world of factor financing.  Once you upload an open invoice, you will have up to three factor financiers call you, eager to earn your business.  Factor bid gets you competitive offers from the top factors in your industry that are looking to buy your open invoices today! Sit back and let the offers come in.  It’s probably the easiest and best decision you’ll make today!

GO MOBILE – Factor App in invoice finance on your Smartphone!

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Why Businesses use to get the best deal when Factoring!

Business owners that want the best deal when Factoring their open accounts receivable invoices use


Because when Factors compete to buy your open invoices, you get the best deal when factoring!

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A Factor finance company will go as high as 95% of the face value of an invoice. For example, if your invoice is worth $5,000.00 dollars, and the facility reflects a 90% advance, the client will receive $4,500.00 dollars from the Factor finance company upon agreeing to sell the receivable invoice.


Upon receipt of the 90% advance, the remaining 10% will remain in escrow pending the payment of the receivable by the debtor (your client/customer). The balance remains unused until the invoice is closed.


The fee charged on any particular invoice depends on a few key factors. For example, your industry, the payers credit (your client), level of security, risk, A/R turnover, time to pay, etc. Each fee structure is individually established to maximize specific customer benefits and needs. The fee is deducted from the funds held in escrow, once your client pays the invoice in full.


Once a receivable has been paid the the fee is deducted by the Factor finance company from the escrow account, the remaining balance is placed into a rebate account called a Reserve. The reserve should be released to you at your request or as agreed per your agreement with the Factor finance company.

Why use Factor Bid to find the right Factor for Invoice Financing? 


Every Factor has a different fee structure. Depending on which industry they specialize in and how cheap they’ve secured their money; in order to provide you a loan for your invoice financing.

Some Factors offer flat fees and others offer daily rates, so knowing how your customers pay and having the option to choose which type of fee structure is right for you is going to save you money. is going to shop your invoice to the best factors in the industry that can finance your industry invoice type and are looking to finance invoices today. You’ll then get a few calls from the top factors with competitive offers to buy your invoices.


Let’s start with billing procedures. All invoices can be submitted electronically at your computer, or by using Factor App on your smartphones. Most Factors can ACH your money the same day, but how they verify your invoices, pick-up orders and/or Bill Of Lading can all be different. The benefits of receiving a few quotes and competitive offers to buy your open invoices is you get to decide which Factor has the most flexibility and is willing to go the extra mile to earn your business.


You’re going to be working with customer relationship managers, collection agents and maybe even the owner at some point. Finding a Factor that treats you how you want your customers to be treated is the most important thing. Not all factors are the same. Some will be more patient with you and will understand what you’re looking for and others may not. So getting a few solid offers when you’re going into business with someone, is a good thing and may save you a ton of headaches down the line.


The highest levels of transparency and accountability are important in building a long lasting partnership with your new lending arm (Factor). Some Factors provide 24-hour access to all your pertinent account information, collection notes, and reserve statements that outline the details of each and every transaction taking place on your account.

Some Factors offer a dedicated account manager that can be reached during normal office hours and will help with back office support. For example, sending Fax, emails and/or even calling customers to remind them about an agreed upon payment and the date payment is due.

Finding the right Factor for your business should not be hard. Factor bid makes it easy for you to get the conversation started by submitting an invoice. From there, all you need to do is relax and select one of the Factors that best fits your business needs and goals. Make the Factors work to earn your business and get the best deal when factoring your open accounts receivable invoices.


If you’re searching for a Factor to help finance your business and keep you competitive in your industry, how do you know which one is good? Just because someone shows up at the top of a search on your favorite search engine, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right finance partner for you. Wouldn’t you much rather have a few of the TOP Factors, that have been pre-vetted by our Customer Service Team and recommended by other hard working business owners like yourself? If you said yes, then you’re on the right track to getting the best deal when factoring your open receivable invoices for immediate cash flow.

Putting in less or the same amount of effort and getting multiple offers for your open accounts receivable invoices is the smart way to choose the Factor finance company that is right for you. Choose the Factor that best fits your needs today, and doesn’t simply offer a one size fits all approach to financing.

Download Factor App or visit to start getting competitive offers on your open invoices today!

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