Bank and Credit Union Invoice Factoring, straight participation.

Banks and Credit Unions, never say “No” again to new high risk, non qualified prospects. Instead increase your new customer retention rates.

  • Increase deposit growth (even from non-bankable clients)
  • Get same day funding to better manage client NSF fees and transaction history
  • Straight participation while the factor shoulders all the credit risk
  • Increase client retention rate

Factors have special programs for bankers and credit unions to help out with non or un-bankable clients and/or prospects.

Target Clients:

  • Client Concentration with Credit Insurance
  • Start-Ups
  • Turnarounds
  • Bank Exiting and Non-Bankable Relationships
  • Government Accounts Receivable Expertise
  • Rapid Growth Clients with sales from $30k to $3 million monthly
  • All Industries in all U.S. States

Factors can supply working capital for Invoice Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing. Credit Protection and Receivables Outsourcing. Purchase Order Funding. Government Contracts Financing. Trade Finance and Vendor Guarantees.

As a community bank or credit union you always want to find a way to build relationships within your local community and help your valued small business borrowing prospects seeking a line of credit. Saying “No” may result in the loss of a potentially long and prosperous business client relationship.

Factors are focused on helping you capture the depository relationships with current or potential clients in this low interest rate environment. A factors participation means growing your deposits and fee services to customers who you may have lost otherwise due to stiff lending requirements.

If you’re Bank and/or Credit union is interested in helping all your potential customers contact Factor bid to get set up with a few of the top factor finance companies and find out what their most aggressive and lucrative participation offers look like to your lending institution today. You can visit the Contact Us page at Factor bid to enquire or call using the contact phone number on our website.

Benefits at a glance for your Bank and/or Credit Union and Factors:

Brand the factors products under your own brand but outsource all credit, verification, collection, risk and back office paperwork.

Participation – with a strong financial partner like a factor.

Better tools to manage NSF’s while allowing brand managers more flexibility to cross-sell and up-sell products.

Factors have experience with bankruptcy and DIP financing to assist your workout department.

Factors can require businesses to keep their existing depository relationship with your institution.

You’ll have more borrower opportunity when progressive companies fit your lending criteria in 8-24 months.

Factors have experience in funding all types of Government Receivables, Oil and Gas, Staffing, Broadband, Beer/Wine/Spirits industries and more.