Accounts Receivable Invoice Financing for Trucking Companies. Trucking Invoice Finance!


According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), 70% of freight tonnage in the United States is moved by the trucking industry.  Without the trucking industry, products would not be delivered, shelves would not be stocked, and basic necessities would be scarcely available, if available at all.  Let’s put the magnitude of what the trucking industry does into perspective.  “To move 9.2 billion tons of freight annually requires nearly 3 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and over 3 million truck drivers.  It also takes over 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move all of that freight (ATA).”

What happens after 9.2 billion tons of freight are delivered?  What happens after 3 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks hit the road, each manned by a driver?  What happens after 37 BILLION gallons of diesel fuel is pumped?  Billions of outstanding Accounts Receivable Invoices sit unpaid in a cab or on a desk, while the next order on the list still has to be delivered.

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While your open accounts receivable invoices are sitting unpaid, your company still has to function and stay competitive.  You still have to fund those deliveries, and all associated costs.  With Factor Bid, you do not have to pay all those upfront costs anymore.


Did you know your open accounts receivable invoices are worth money?  Do you know your open accounts receivable invoices are worth money NOW?  Factor Financiers know that you cannot afford to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid.  You have to buy fuel, cover repairs, and occasionally even purchase new tires.  Your company might have to buy a new truck or hire more drivers.  Factor Financiers buy your open accounts receivable invoices at a discount and get you CASH within 24 hours!  That’s right!  You can stay on the road and still do what you do best, providing the best and most needed service that drives our growing U.S. economy everyday.

Why wait and get paid for 30, 60, or 90 days when you can have cash in hand today?  Keep your tires on the road while continuing to grow your business efficiently with predictable cash flow every month.


Using your smartphone:  Simply download Factor App onto your smartphone and snap a picture of your outstanding accounts receivable invoice.  Within minutes, up to three Factor Finance companies will be calling you with their best offers so you can get paid within 24 hours!  From your computer, you can also visit and upload your open accounts receivable invoice pdf.

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Factoring App for iOS Apple Smartphones

Factoring App for Android Smartphones

Turn Accounts Receivable Invoices Into Immediate CASH – Factor App


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Factor App – Fast, easy factoring using your Smartphone!

Download Factor App to SHOP your accounts receivable invoices for the best deal! (Factors compete to buy your invoices)

“If you’re not shopping your invoices, you’re loosing money!”

for iPhone – Download here

for Android – Download here

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Are you thinking about factoring your accounts receivable invoices for cash? Use Factor App and make ’em compete for your invoices! – Where factor banks compete to buy your invoices.

Turn Invoices – Into CASH

It’s easy:

  1. Download Factor app
  2. Snap a picture of your invoice or upload an invoice as PDF file or picture file
  3. Click submit, and within a few minutes you’ll have competitive offers to buy your accounts receivable invoice.

If you’re not shopping your invoices, you’re loosing money!

Factor App “Get paid as soon as today!”


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Why is factoring your accounts receivable invoices good for business? Under-capitalized businesses struggle to pay bills on time, retain good employees and stay competitive. Factor finance your receivables today!

Business is competitive today! If you’re acting as the finance entity for your customers, by caring their slow paying invoices for 45 to 150 days, your business may eventually be in trouble. Your business needs predictable cash flow to pay bills and stay competitive.

Technology is moving along much faster than in the past. Your vendors, partners and customers expect your business to keep up, get ahead otherwise you’ll be left behind!

Waiting 45-150 days to get paid for services you’ve already finished is bad for business. So what can you do?

You can Factor your invoices by Downloading Factor App to get;

  • Immediate cash for your accounts receivable invoices
  • Factors compete to buy your open invoices
  • You get the best rate and terms, which means more money in your pocket, fast!

Why should I factor?

Factoring is not a loan – by using you are utilizing your business assets “accounts receivable invoices” to get paid fast.

Under capitalized businesses miss out on new opportunities with existing customers and the chance to secure brand new customers. Have you ever wondered how some of your competitors continue to grow larger -year after year?

Factoring your accounts receivable invoices puts cash in your pocket you need to finance your business expansion, cover day-to-day expenditures and pay your employees. Factoring your receivable invoices will help put cash in the bank so you can hire new employees, bid on future contracts, buy new equipment and stay competitive in your industry!

Don’t let your competitors put you out of business because they’re able to grow at a faster pace and take over more of your industry; stay competitive and discover how businesses have been growing for years by factoring their asset based accounts receivable invoices.

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We match you with the top Factors in your industry. Get the leverage you need to negotiate the best deal when factoring, get Factor App!

Industry Invoice Types

  1. Trucking & Freight
  2. Construction
  3. Healthcare
  4. Media
  5. Production
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Staffing
  8. Payroll
  9. Oil & Gas
  10. International Factoring
  11. Wholesalers
  12. Tech
  13. Service Providers
  14. Security Guards
  15. Medical Transcription Services
  16. Pallets
  17. Distributors
  18. Importers
  19. Government Contracts
  20. Apparel
  21. Consulting
  22. Janitorial
  23. Automotive Supply
  24. Machine Shops
  25. Cable Sales/ Installers
  26. Wine and Spirits