We’re a new business and needed cash flow to fund new opportunities. Can we afford to grow.., Can we afford not to grow!

Visit www.factor.bid to get immediate cash for your open accounts receivable invoices!

factor finance,construction factoring,invoice finance,accounts receivable finance,factor bid,factor app,receivables finance,finance,asset based lendingAre you like us; have you ever been in the situation where your business needs money to cover day to day expenses, pay employees, buy supplies and/or compete for new business contracts?

In 1998, Ron and I decided to start our own business, R & J Construction.  We borrowed money from the bank to build our office and purchase supplies and equipment.  Although I would like to say our business was thriving, healthy, and self sustaining overnight, that was far from the truth.  We had smaller clients here and there, but not enough consistent workflow to allow Ron to quit his full-time job.  With the additional business expenses stacking on top of our personal ones, we spent our days living paycheck to paycheck and working 80 hours a week just to meet our minimum bills.

At the time, our kids were not old enough to be in school.  While I was at home with the children, I began to make phone calls in order to reach new customers.  When Ron came home from work, he visited client sites and worked on proposals and took jobs that could be completed on the weekends or through subcontractors.

Within a year, Ron was able to quit his 9 to 5 job and devote all his time and energy into making R & J Construction a success.  One of the challenges we faced was growth that we could not financially handle.  Our business was too young to have any real established credit, but old enough to begin handling some pretty big money projects.  Two big questions had to be answered:

  • Can we afford to grow?
  • Can we afford not to?

Obviously growth was in our best interest, we just weren’t getting our best “interest” from the bank!  We had tons of jobs but only received 20% down, enough to cover some of the material costs involved but definitely not the labor or other necessary business expenses. With quite a few outstanding accounts receivable invoices piling up each month, we had plenty of trips to make but no gas to get there.

Around this time, I had an acquaintance tell me that all those invoices we were waiting to receive payment for could be leveraged for immediate cash.  This was not a loan.  This was good news to us as we had already tapped out our bank.  I began doing some research and discovered that the factor finance companies were less interested in our credit, and more interested in the credit and financial stability of businesses who owed us money.

I spent a considerable amount of time doing my homework, asking the right questions, and finding a factor that was a good match for what we needed.  However, once I partnered with them, I significantly decreased the amount of time spent on processing all those accounts receivable invoices and calling late paying customers.

With Factor Bid, I can now get a few competitive offers from factors who specifically finance invoices within my industry.  It’s fast, easy, and provides the information and leverage necessary to make a quality decision and get the best deal when factor financing our accounts receivable invoices.

Not all factors are alike. Some only factor in niche industries and not all of them deal with smaller businesses like ours. Factor bid is great. All you have to do is submit an invoice using your Smartphone or computer and within minutes you’ll get competitive offers from factors that are eager to buy your accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash!

We love it! Try factor.bid -you’ll be glad you did!

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Simply put, The History of Factoring (invoice finance)

The History of Factoring

Factoring has existed for thousands of years;

What does ancient Mesopotamia and the Roman Empire have in common?  How about the East India Trading Company, Hudson Bay Trading Company, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony?  Each of these civilizations and businesses use factoring as a way to grow their economy and/or fund their business endeavors.

In ancient Mesopotamia (1754 B.C.), there is a well preserved babylonian law code titled the, “Code of Hammurabi.”  The sixth babylonian king, Hammurabi, enacted the code and it covered such things as trading, punishments, and other laws meant to govern with justice.  This is one of the first preserved written records that mentions factoring type transactions.  The Roman Empire also has evidence that they sold their promissory notes at a discounted rate.

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Factoring was a way of life in England well before the 1400’s, and the pilgrims brought this form of financing with them to the Americas.  Even the Mayflower and the expedition to Plymouth were funded by factor financiers out of London.  Once the early American colonies were established, factoring remained an integral facet to the health of the economy.  Goods like fur and timber were shipped back to London to be sold.  Factor financiers were able to provide the funding the colonist needed while the goods were being shipped, but also collect the debt for the goods from European buyers in London when they arrived.

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There are three distinct qualities of factoring:

  1. It is not a loan.  It is the purchase of an asset.  In this case, the asset is the outstanding, or open, accounts receivable invoice.
  2. The credit is based on the receivables and not on the businesses itself.  Factors review the creditworthiness of the debtor.  Again, the debtor is not the one receiving the money for the accounts receivable invoice at the discounted rate.  The debtor is the one whom the product/service has been provided and owes the business money (the debt).  That is the person or entity the factor is most concerned with.  Is the person who owes their monies credit worthy and will they pay?  
  3. There are three parties directly involved: the factor who purchases the receivable, the one who sells the receivable, and the debtor who has a financial liability that requires him or her to make a payment to the owner of the invoice. In the case of a loan, there are two parties;  the lender and the debtor.  In factor finance; the seller, the factor finance company, and the debtor all play an intricate roll in the factoring relationship.  In fact, if the debtor is not making payment, the factor will give notice to both the debtor and the seller and if need, take further action to retrieve those funds.

Great civilizations, amazing historical advances, and economic stability are all proof of factor financing at it’s richest and most profitable. Until now, a small to medium size business, looking to factor finance their receivables / assets has been at the mercy of traditional discovery; searching through mountains of information, assessing risk with little or no real comparison and overwhelmingly  trying to find the best deal to help their company succeed.

So what sets factoring apart today, from 1000’s of year ago? Technology! Smart business owners looking for leverage to negotiate the very best financial deal for their company will find a better alternative to traditional factoring called Factor Bid.

Factorbid.com matches business owners looking to sell their account receivables with competing factor finance companies, eager to buy those receivables for immediate cash. When you submit your accounts receivable invoice using factor bid, factor finance companies compete for the opportunity to earn your business and buy your outstanding A/R Invoices. You get the leverage and knowledge you need to negotiate the best deal with the least amount of effort and work.

Factor bid is easy to use and only takes about 2 minutes to get set up. Within the hour competing factor finance companies will be fighting for the opportunity to service your receivables and get you immediate capital to run your business.

You seriously have to wonder what the history of factoring would have looked like with a competitive system in place like factor bid. What type of voyages could have been even more successful, providing more supplies, with less liability and more available capital to leverage and stockpile goods, enhance trade commodities and increase supply chains.

Factor bid is a FREE RESOURCE for business owners. It’s recommended that you get a few offers from competing factor finance companies before deciding which factor finance partner is right for your business needs. visit factor bid now to get started and get paid as soon as today!

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Happy Factoring!

Factor bid gives you a few offers to buy your open invoices. Get competitive offers from the top factor finance companies and get paid as soon as today!

Factor.bid gives you a few offers to buy your open invoices. Get competitive offers from the top factor finance companies that specialize in your industry and get paid as soon as today!

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Turn Invoices Into CASH


Factor bid gives you a few offers from factor finance companies competing to buy your outstanding invoices, freeing up your cash to purchase supplies, cover payroll, or expand your business. “A great option for small businesses that need cash.”

Eliminate the wait, get paid now

Factor bid eliminates the stress of slow paying customers. Waiting for payment on Net 30/60/90 terms is painful when you have a business to run.

A debt-free solution

Invoices represent revenue you’ve already earned. Why take a loan when you can unlock existing capital to get paid faster? Factor bid matches you with a few factor finance companies looking to buy your invoices for immediate cash, so you don’t have to wait.

Get paid in a snap

Snap a picture or upload a copy of your open invoice to begin. Within minutes you’ll have competitive offers to buy your A/R Invoices from a few of the top factor finance companies that specialize in factoring invoices in your industry.

Approvals as fast as 24 hours for your first advance

Once you choose the right factor finance company to partner with, you’ll be able to receive your first payment within 24 hours. Ongoing funding requests can be approved and released to your account in as fast as an hour.

Receive the funds directly to your bank account

Choose ACH as your payment option for 1-2 day delivery or choose wire for same day availability. Use the funds to manage and grow your business.

Thinking about factoring on the go?

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Helpful tips when deciding which factor finance partner is right for your business!

Helpful tips when choosing a factor finance partner that best fits your business needs!

It’s recommended that you get a few offers from factor finance companies before deciding which factor best fits your business needs. Every factor finance company is different, make sure that you not only know how to talk the talk.., but also walk the walk -when it comes time decide who will be your new finance partner.

Scenario:  You have an open accounts receivable invoice on your desk.  You want to get cash for that invoice today, instead of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days for the money to come in.  What is the fastest and easiest way to start factoring?

Business owners that want the best deal use factor bid to get a few offers from factors!


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I have question like, what is the rate, how long are we obligated to partner with a factor finance company and how quickly can we get additional capital to run our business?

Factoring Terms:

Talk the talk..,

Accounts Receivable (A/R): is a legally enforceable claim for payment held by a business against its customer/clients for good supplied and/or services rendered in execution of the customer’s order. These are typically in the form of invoices raised by a business and delivered to the customer for payment within an agreed time frame. Accounts receivable is show in the balance sheet as an asset.

Advance:  To make a payment before it is due by the debtor. In a factor finance scenario the advance is the money your company receives when your invoice is purchased by a factor.  The amount advanced is usually a large percentage of the gross value of the accounts receivable invoice, anywhere from 80-95%.

Advance rate:  The percentage of the value of collateral that a lender uses to determine the amount of a loan. For example, if one pledges a collateral worth $10,000, and the advance rate is 95%, the lender will only extend $9,500 in credit. This may protect the lender from risks, such as depreciation on the collateral. 

Concentration:  The percentage in which a factor will fund a single customer you have.  

Confidential factoring:  The customer is not informed that you are factoring their invoices.

Credit limit:  This financial limit is placed on your customers and is based on their credit rating.

Debtor:  The person or entity that owes payment on the open accounts receivable invoice.

Factoring: A financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.

Factoring charge:  A charge for taking over the administration, collection, and processing of the accounts receivable invoices.  

Factor fee:  The fee a factor charges in order to finance your accounts receivable invoices.

Factor financier:  The financial entity who purchases accounts receivable invoices at a discounted rate.

Funding limit:  The maximum amount of funding a factor finance company will pay you.

Funding period:  The period of time in which the factor finance company purchased the invoice and your customer pays the invoice in full.

Non-recourse:  Non-recourse factoring allows a company to sell its invoices to a factor without the obligation of absorbing an unpaid invoices. In the event a customer fail to make their payments or pay their invoices late, any losses are absorbed by the factor, leaving the business unscathed. 

Notice of Assignment:  A notice that your customer receives, stating that their invoice has been factored.  This notice also provides the customer with the new payment address.

Reserve:  The reserve is the remaining percentage held by the factor finance company after the first payment is made called the advance. Once the invoice is fully paid, the reserve is rebated, less any fees. 

Seller (Transferor):  The one who owns the open accounts receivable invoice, but relinquishes ownership by selling it to Factor finance company.

With recourse:  The factor has the right to collect unpaid payments from the seller.

Follow this link to see a full list of factoring terminology

Questions you need to be asking factor finance companies when deciding which one is best for your business needs.

Walk the walk..,

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  1. Do you have other customers in my industry that use your factoring company?
  2. Do you fund within 24-48 hours?
  3. Do you provide non-recourse factoring?  If so, what is the difference in the rate?
  4. Do you offer back office support? Will you email,fax,call and maintain professional contact with my customer?
  5. Do I get me own account manager, that I can call, email and contact in case I need assistance?
  6. Can you ACH payments (direct deposit) funds into my bank account?
  7. Is there any fees for direct deposit ACH Payments?
  8. Can I split the ACH Payment and have the money deposited into more than one account?
  9. Can I get payment through Western Union outlet, where I can physically pick up cash?
  10. Do you need the originals (documents) in order to fund, or can I send in a copy or a picture of the original documents?
  11. What is the length of the contract term?  Factors typically partner with you for 12-24 months in order to help you grow your business faster. 
  12. How fast can I expect to receive the first payment?
  13. How much money do you recommend we keep in the reserve account, to cover insufficient payments, late payments, charge backs, etc?
  14. Once the customer fulfills the invoice amount, how long does it take before the reserve amount is available?
  15. What is your discount rate?
  16. What is your fee for late charges?
  17. Do you help me gain payment from late/no pay debtors?  How?
  18. Can I stop factoring any time I want?
  19. Is there a penalty to stop factoring?
  20. What if I want to factor with another company?  Is that allowed?
  21. If I ever want to stop factoring with your company, is there a fee to end our partnership?


Factor finance your accounts receivable invoices today using factor.bid to get a few offers from competing factor finance companies, eager to buy your accounts receivable invoices!

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Healthcare Factoring vs. Third Party Medical Receivables Factoring.

Healthcare Factoring vs. Third Party Medical Receivables Factoring

There is misinformation about what funding is available for suppliers and professionals in the Healthcare industry. Let’s talk about the two types of accounts receivable medical funding available- Healthcare Factoring vs. Medical Receivables (Third Party Payee) Factoring.

First there is one common denominator about everyone doing business in healthcare, you receive payments on outstanding invoices very slowly!

Healthcare Factoring: Like Trucking Factoring, Manufacturing Factoring or Staffing Factoring, Healthcare Factoring describes expertise in buying Invoices in a certain industry by the Invoice Factoring Company. Some Invoice Factors only specialize in one or two industries. For example, there are many trucking only factors. So if your business provides nurse staffing, medical supplies, transcription services or other products and services to the healthcare industry, a Healthcare specific Factor is a good choice to partner with. However, most Factors are generalists, their expertise lies in collection and credit and they will buy invoices from most industries as long as there is not a THIRD PARTY PAYEE. But to be matched with factors that specialize in your specific industry and will be able to give you the most help and most aggressive deal -it’s recommended that you use Factor.bid to get a few offers from factor finance companies to buy your invoices, before making your final decision.

Third Party Medical Receivables Factoring: When you buy goods you as a consumer you’re the end user and typically end up paying for those goods. However, there are some industries where the consumer does not directly pay for services received but the provider of those services are reimbursed by third party payees. Healthcare is the primary example of this in the US as Healthcare is 19% of total GDP. In healthcare those third party payees could be Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, Private Insurance, HMO/PPO, and Managed Care. The average time to collect for these types of Accounts Receivables can range from 90 – 180 days.

Third Party Medical Receivable Factors focus specifically on financing the healthcare and medical community and understand the pressures providers and facilities face on both the cost and revenue sides of business. With their experience they have a good understanding of the complexities of billing, monitoring, and collecting medical receivables, as well as the cash flow challenges of managing a healthcare or facilities organization.

Billing and coding expertise is ultra-critical. A Doctor, Hospital or clinic bills $2000 for a procedure under one code and subsequently Medicare or the Insurance carrier changes the code and only remits $400. As a healthcare professional you know the billing dance and the risk to your business. That is why it is best to partner with a Factor finance company who has a deep understanding and years of experience in third party payees and is up to date on recent healthcare legislation.

If you’re in the healthcare industry and looking for a way to increase your workflow capital, research all of your options: the different companies available, the services they offer, pricing, terms, etc. The easiest way to get a few offers from specific factors that specialize in your industry is to visit www.factor.bid and submit your invoice (takes about 2 minutes). Within the hour, you’ll have a few offers from the top factor finance companies competing to buy your open receivables.

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Accounts Receivable Invoice Finance for Service Providers. Service Provider Invoice Finance!

Service Provider Invoice Finance! Accounts Receivable Invoice Finance for Service Providers. Get a few offers from top factor finance companies when deciding on the best factor finance partner for your Service Provider Business. www.factor.bid

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Business Owner:

With 25 plus years of experience within the contractor community, specializing in Storm Region Rain Water Runoff infrastructure design, maintenance, and repairs, Jim Hinkley decided to venture out on his own. “I had many solid relationships with corporate and city engineers as well as project managers that is made sense that it was time to get out on my own. I used my 401k savings to purchase vehicles and specialized equipment that we needed to start.”

Like many new businesses, David relied on the most readily available funds he had access to. “We grew rapidly over our first few years and many of my customers helped support our much needed cash flow by paying us in a shorter amount of time than usual (provided I gave them a discount off our services for paying before the net 45 due date). This became stressful for us and our profit model started to suffer from discounting our services. Even when our customers would agree to pay early for the discount, it always seemed their receivables payment would reach us a day or so earlier than 45 days, it was nothing like a month early like we hoped. As our reputation grew and we expanded, the close relationships that were helping to support our cash flow were simply not there, plus we were tired of discounting our in-demand services. I wanted the business and had to find a solution to support my growing payroll.”

Jim’s banker recommended factor.bid website. “I was surprised how easy, accessible and cost effective factor financing was.” Factor bid got us a few offers on our outstanding accounts receivables, and we selected the factor financier that best fit our growing needs. It’s really been great, had I of know about factoring 2 and a half years ago, we could of quit discounting our services and made a lot more profit! In addition to the immediate funds we got for our open invoices to cover payroll on time, I also benefited from comprehensive professional reporting; credit monitoring and best of all peace of mind.”


It’s easy for any small business service provider to get in over their head in todays economy. In the service provider industry, a company can grow very quickly by word of mouth. Solid business relationships build up when you’re starting up help drive new customers and referrals. However, after some time, those relationships tend to cool as customers get into the habit of regarding you as just another service provider.

You go from being everyones best friend, when you’re a new business to eventually being that company doing a professional job in a professional manner. Customers that use to make sure they paid you before the invoice date or even weekly, soon start to roll you into their accounts payable cycle of net 30, 45 or 60. Waiting to be paid for that amount of time can create a financial strain on your day-to-day business operations.

You can’t be upset with your customers, for following traditional accounts payable methods. What you can do is simply take advantage of invoice financing within your business. To be able to access immediate cash for your outstanding invoices, plus relieve your company’s liability in collecting the funds on-time or before the agreed upon due date.

Your new factor finance partner is going to become part of your back office for accounts receivable. They have the proven experience and team of business professionals in house that will help your business operate more professionally and become more profitable quickly. It’s in the best interest of the factor finance company for your company to be more profitable, they’re going to do everything they can to help you check on prospective new customer deals, collect efficiently from good standing long-time customers and make sure you have the cash on hand you need to increase your foot print within your industry.

To find the best factor finance company that services your industry, and get a few offers from those factor finance companies, make sure and do what other small-medium sized business owners have already discovered; Factor.bid -where factors compete for the opportunity to buy your outstanding accounts receivable invoices for immediate cash!


Factor finance is more about your customers credit and payment history, not yours. Factor finance is based off of the assets your business in generating every week, called accounts receivable invoices.

As a service provider, your clients count on your services to make their lives better. In exchange, your customers will eventually pay their invoices. As a growing business, you also need a finance partner that makes your life better. An invoice finance provider (factor) provides you with predictable cash flow so you can cover business expenditures, payroll and new business opportunities.

Factors don’t run your business credit score and won’t make you wait days for an invoice finance decision / offer. Get the cash you need to make payroll, purchase additional equipment and expand your business to stay competitive in your local area and industry.


Download Factor App -and within minutes you’ll have competitive offers to buy your invoices for immediate cash!

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Factor App Download for Google Android Smartphones

Technology Invoice Finance

Technology Invoice Finance. Get the best results for your technology company by financing your accounts receivable invoices for immediate capital.

It’s recommended that you use Factor.bid when choosing the top factor finance company that best matches your small – medium size business. Get a few offers from industry specific Factor finance companies that specialize in financing internet technology receivables.

When Factors compete to buy your receivable invoices so you get the best deal when factoring. Watch the video to quickly learn more about Invoice Technology Finance!

Learn more…

What are some of the benefits of Non-Recourse Technology Factoring!

Factor finance companies will purchase your company’s outstanding Invoices, Credit Card Receivables, Accounts Receivables and more so your business gets between 85 – 95 percent of the invoices face value in as little as 24 hours.

Technology finance provides your internet technology company with predictable cash flow to more accurately cover things like payroll, eliminate cash flow problems, expand your products and services into new markets, augment your offering and best of all access fast cash that doesn’t live on your books as debt.

Your business accounts receivable invoices are assets, start treating them like so! 

Example of how Technology Invoice Factoring Works!

By using Factor bid (to get a few offers from the top factor finance companies) – You’re matched with the top factors that specialize and understand invoice technology financing. They understand your expenditures and revenue stream and can help design a better system to grow your business more efficiently.

Not all factor finance companies are created equal. It’s recommended that you use Factor.bid to get a few offers when selling your receivables at a discount in order to get the very best deal when financing your receivables.

Your company’s financial history and credit score do not determine if you’ll be approved for financing. In most cases the factor is looking at the credit worthiness of your customers, the ones that have agreed to pay in accordance with your open invoices.

The factor finance partner you choose will also help you decide if new customers you may start working with are a good choice; if they pay their bills, how much risk is involved with invoicing them for net future payment, etc.

The factors main objective is to help you increase deal flow. The more accounts receivables your company is producing, the more invoice inventory available for purchase. The factor wants your company to make more money! It’s in their best interest to see you succeed, unlike a traditional lender that requires personal collateral, that can be collected against  you, if you fail.

Factoring is a smart way to fund your growing business and leverage your accounts receivable invoices for access to immediate cash flow capital. Grow faster and increase your marketshare, your factor financier will be right there along the way to make sure your cash flow positive to get work done.

We think you’ll agree that once you start utilizing technology factoring, your business will grow faster and larger than ever before.  There is no obligation when using F

For technology factoring on the go, grab Factor App for iOS and Android Smartphones. Available now!

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What Factor Finance IS, and IS NOT.

What Factor Financing IS and IS NOT (accounts receivable invoice financing)

Factor Financing is a financial transaction where businesses sell open accounts receivable invoices to Factor Financiers at a discount.  Your open accounts receivable invoice is the asset which factor financing companies want to leverage to support your immediate cash needs.  This type of financing provides an easy and flexible way for business to get immediate cash to grow their companies, pay employees, purchase new materials, and cover operational costs.

There are three important players in this type of transaction.  Player 1:  The factor financier who purchases the open accounts receivable invoice.  Player 2:  The business who sells the open accounts receivable invoice.  Player 3:  The debtor who has the financial liability to fulfill and pay the invoice in full.

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Does Your Business Qualify as a Good Factor Finance Candidate?

Businesses often have multiple outstanding accounts receivable invoices each month. Each invoice represents work that has been completed but payment has not yet been received.  Two scenarios present themselves that can hinder the operations and growth of any company:

  • Scenario 1:  Your business receives a down payment for work to commence.  This deposit usually covers some of the material cost and man hours involved, but not all of it.  Your company must take on the financial liability for the remaining material, labor hours, and operational costs incurred by your company during the duration of the project.  The job is completed and the client is provided with a bill for the outstanding balance.  This creates an open (or outstanding) accounts receivable invoice sitting on your desk waiting for the check to come in the mail.  The accounts receivable invoice remains in an open or outstanding status until the money is received.
  • Scenario 2:  Your company has a product or service that is provided same day. However, the customer has a certain amount of time to pay for the product or service AFTER they have received it.  Some customers have a great track record for paying right away.  Other clients, however, take 30, 60, or up to 90 days to pay.  Worse case scenario, they do not pay at all.  Your company now has to decide on the appropriate course of action for late or no payment clients.  This can be a daunting task and is not to be taken lightly.  You do not want to lose a steady client who pays — but always late.  However, you need to set the precedence, outlining that late payments are not favorable and any such type of activity should be met with late payment stipulations, like additional financial compensation for your business.  For clients who have not paid, it is easy to decide not to contract with them in the future.  At the end of the business day, there is still the issue of that open accounts receivable invoice sitting on your desk that needs paid!  Small claims court is costly and the time it takes for you to file a claim, pay the fee, provide the proof of service/terms, and take a day off of work to go to a courthouse–just might not be worth it. Even if you do win a judgement in small claims court, your not out of the woods yet, you still need to find a way to collect on the judgement, which usually cost you more money to hire a representative to try and set up some type of garnishment and ongoing fee collection from your winning judgement. 

If you can identify with either of these scenarios, whether on an ongoing basis or every so often, Factor Financing is a great solution, and can help protect your business from encountering these type of financial burdens, plus help in collecting money owed to your business is paid in a timely and consistent manner.

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You have to love the simplicity and directness of Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” As a business, you were created to provide an exceptional product or service that fills the needs and/or wants of your customers.  We know you would love to do it for free if you could, for the betterment of humanity, but the simple fact of the matter is:  you have kids to feed, bills to pay, and a roof you need over your head.  This is the same for your business.

You have employees that are counting on you for their paychecks.  They have bills to pay. Your staff wants you to be successful, healthy, and grow so they can reap the benefits of a steady job and income.  The last thing you want to happen is to run dry of funds to pay the electric bill; incur layoffs, and stagnate in the market.

When you have funds locked up in outstanding open accounts receivable invoices, that is untouchable money that you have already earned.  You provided the product/service and have not reaped the benefit from it yet.  If you were able to have all that CASH in hand, SAME DAY, what would that look like for your company?  WE KNOW YOU COULD COVER:

  • Day-to-day business expenses
  • Payroll
  • Hire new employees
  • Buy supplies and equipment
  • Reduce liability
  • Secure new customer contracts and more!

So now when we say “Show me the money” you know with the help of a factor finance company, this is entirely possible. Your invoices can get you paid today! It’s recommended that when choosing the top factor that is right for your company, you visit Factor.bid and submit an invoice to get the ball rolling. At Factor bid factor finance companies compete to buy your open accounts receivable invoices, so you get the best offers when factoring your receivables for immediate cash.


Go to http://factor.bid to upload an open accounts receivable invoice.  Within the hour, you will receive a few phone calls from factor finance companies with a few account receivable invoice offers.  Factor finance companies will compete for the opportunity to earn your business. And you better believe that when they know you’re using Factor.bid to sell your invoices, and they’re competing against other Top Factor Finance Companies right now – they’re going to give you the very best offer available today!  

We Made It Even EASIER To Get Accounts Receivable Invoice Offers

On the go, use your Smartphone to get Factor App – Download FactorApp for your google android and/or apple app store account; Snap a picture or upload a copy of your open accounts receivable invoice, and within no time at all you’ll have offers from the top factor finance companies – eager to help your business grow and become more successful.  It’s THAT EASY!

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Factor App for iOS Apple Smartphones

Factor App for Google Android Smartphones

How to fund your small business.


Starting your own business for the first time can be quite similar to being a first time parent. You are so excited the baby is coming. You went to all appropriate doctor’s appointments, guessed at the sex of the child, painted a nursery, and even had a baby shower garnishing the support of family and friends. Delivery time: The baby is born. You love the child the minute you laid eyes on him/her. This baby is yours and you are the one entrusted to its care. From day one, it is apparent the infant can do absolutely nothing on its own and you are the sole provider to help it grow. Sure, there are family and friends around to help, but the brunt of raising the child is yours. Within one month, you are sleep deprived, your thoughts consumed by the responsibility you must diligently undertake (with love). It is worth it. You love this child and they love and depend on you to nurture it.

Isn’t this much like our first experience of starting our own business? You begin with this seed of an idea. It begins to grow into a business model and you believe that with the right conditions, this small business could really flourish. You visit the small business borough in your local area, purchase some books on starting your own business, bounce the idea off of family and friends hoping to gain support, and take the step to register your business name with the local and federal government.

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 Scenario 1: You are providing a product/service by yourself and do not have the time to do the work AND generate new clients AND work the office.

 Scenario 2: You have a plethora of clients that want your product and want it now. You are a one to two man show and simply cannot fill the volume. You need more people to handle the work load, but it is a big risk. What if you are not paid for your product/service on time and now have to pay staff with funds that are locked up on some customer’s desk for work you already delivered?

 Scenario 3: You NEED the equipment or manpower necessary to take your business to the next level. Where are the funds going to come from? How are you going to afford it? You already have quite a bit of money invested in other assets.


Do you know that you can get paid NOW for money owed from your open accounts receivable invoices? What would your business look like if you had access to the money you need? Right when you need it! Why incur more debt? No one wants more debt on their books, like you get with traditional lending resources like bank loans and/or a line of credit!

How Does Factoring Build My Business?

Factor finance companies are eagerly looking for small business owners like YOU to pay you cash TODAY for your open (outstanding) accounts receivable invoices. That paper on your desk…yes…the one you have been staring at for the past 60 days…IS WORTH MONEY!!!! You have golden eggs on your desk but all most companies see are rocks.


We are SOOOOOO glad you asked! Factor.bid matches small business owners, LIKE YOU, with factor finance companies that want to buy your invoices for immediate cash. Cash that is available within 24 hours!!! You submit one of your open invoices (it’s easy: snap a picture, using Factor App, or upload a pdf copy), and within a few minutes you’ll have offers from the top factor finance companies in your industry to buy your accounts receivable invoices.


Enjoy yourself. Have fun! Enjoy the game and play your cards well. Only pick the best hand offered. Put on your poker face! Check out the hand of the guy next to you, and let the other player know what it was! See if they are willing to provide you with better terms. All the factor financiers know you are going to get paid for that open accounts receivable invoice sooner (with them) or later (on your own). They want you to get paid SOONER! And, they want to help you do it!


If you are not confident of the hand dealt to you- FOLD! You are under no obligation to play the game. Just don’t ante up. Fold and walk away. You are free to decide whether their offer is right for you and your business. Maybe this is the first time you are trying your hand at the game? You tried it! AND liked it (we know you did)! Now you want to go a few more rounds to gain the confidence you need to make the best informed decision, and go with the factor financing option that is right for you.


As many as you have sitting on that desk of yours collecting DUST AND NOT MONEY! Send 1 to 1,000! Remember: Any open accounts receivable invoice is YOUR MONEY ALREADY EARNED that is UNAVAILABLE to use for your important business expenses. It is nice to feel important and loved. So, while your Accounts Receivable Administrator is feeling unloved and unappreciated by clients that are NOT PAYING YOU, these factor finance companies appreciate your hard work! They LOVE that you completed your job! They love that you are successful! They want you to continue to be successful and grow! THEY WANT TO HELP YOU! They want to call, talk to you, partner with you, and UNLOCK THOSE FUNDS!


There is a bonus round to this game. Once you accept an offer of a factor financier, they will actually call the companies on the open accounts receivable invoices who are holding on to your cash and give them a friendly reminder to pay you. As the clock ticks, they will continue to partner with you to get those funds released. Now your Accounts Receivable Administrator is free to do all the other work that is piling up on their desk. Your clients know you have a partner helping you get payments in a timely fashion.

So, go to Factor App and snap that picture or download that open accounts receivable invoice. Marvel as your small business grows from infancy, childhood, young adult, and onto full maturity.


Download Factor App for iOS Apple Smartphones

Download Factor App for Google Android Smartphones