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For years we've been helping business owners get financing to cover payroll, day-to-day expenses, buy supplies, hire new employees and stay competitive in their growing industry. Along the way we've discovered common underlying factors that inspired us to create an online marketplace where businesses can quickly and easily receive competitive financing offers. Factor bid takes the hard work out of finding the best financing company, by matching your business with lenders that compete for the opportunity to earn your business. When finance companies know they're competing for your business, you'll get competitive offers as well as the knowledge and leverage you need to negotiate the best financing deal! If you're unsatisfied with your current financing and feel like you may not have gotten the best deal, check out factor bid and get a few competitive offers from the top financing companies that specialize in your industry. Within a few minutes of submitting your application you'll have competitive offers. Choose the offer that's right for your business today and get access to more business capital in as soon as 24 hours. Get Started now, factor bid is free to use, enjoy!